This is the Samsung Galaxy S III “Swarovski Edition,” costs $3,400


  • iphoneee

    that doesn’t look anything like an iPhone

    • Andrew

      That’s worth $3400 alone. 🙂


  • mike

    crystals? means fake diamonds, means cheap, not worth $3,400. Girls like real diamonds not cheap crystals.

    • JC Denton

      FAIL. Diamonds will depreciate to the point of costing as much as crystals anyway.

  • Jon

    My wife can make one for $34.

  • Ghoul

    Ordered 2

  • NienorGT

    If I would have that kind of money to waste on a phone that will be obsolete in less than 6 months, I would rather ask a ,different better looking, frame desing and color.

  • Ian

    It’ll set you apart alright. “Hey! Look at that i***t who spent $3400 on a phone!”

    • Nathan

      So you’re making fun of somebody because they are rich and value beauty over some cash? Just because there is no practical function to it, it doesn’t mean they’re i****s. It is a luxury good just like there is no practical reason to buy a Bugatti Veyron. You don’t need to drive that fast but you can show it off if money is not an issue. $3400 is nothing to somebody who blows millions on cars.

  • nely


  • andy c

    Fake diamonds surrounding a plastic phone


  • EvanKr

    Smartphones are already enough of a bad investment in the sense that they outdated themselves so quickly and lose half of their value when their successor is released. I refuse to waste even more money by buying a “Swarovski Edition”. What a rip off, more like. Status symbol than a phone.

  • haxor99

    I think its safe to say no one reading this column umderstands the appeal of this product, including me

  • WTF fantards

    Actually, given the socio-economic position of typical Android users, a Bedazzeled Samsung seems like it would be a perfect fit. Would look totally work with the trailer park crowd.

  • WTF fantards

    But $3400 seems excessive. Could probably do it yourself for around $0.75 if you ask around the park for someone with the Beadazzled kit. Given how quickly S3’s have hit the fire sale shelves, the beads would make up the bulk of your costs.

  • NorOntByndWrlss

    It is easy to see tha WTF fantards is one of the iSheep. To the point since I work in the industry: Ask any sales person which customers case the most issues at a cellular store. They will tell you that after prepaid customers it is the iSheep. ie: What do you mean I have to call Apple? What do you mean that it is called phsical damage because I dropped my phone and it shattered? My phone will not ring. What do you mean I need my own iTunes account? The best one from iSheep is: I can’t hear anyone on my phone (since they left the plastic over their speaker)? Lol. Rarely do I hear nonsense like this from Blackberry, Android or Windows phone users.

  • Sam

    How much for a 3 years contract?

  • Max

    The silver lining is that by putting on that case, no one will know you paid >$3000 for a $500 phone, hence no one thinks you’re a complete tool 🙂

  • Tomatoes

    You can create the same look with stickers from the dollar store.

  • Stuntman

    My father-in-law collects Swarovski crystals and other crystal items. I’m going to ask him if he would be interested in such a phone. He currently uses an iPhone.

  • muha

    i’d buy it, atleast the sex will be in HD!! if only she knew lol

  • Chris Manchur

    Honestly, $3400 isn’t that far away from the $900 some people pay for a regular iPhone.

  • Astro_man

    They want you to buy a 3000$ phone and they can’t even provide decent high-resolution pictures for you to see the product before buying? pathetic.

  • Alex

    Next MobileSyrup giveaway?

  • common_sense

    Pass – Not even if I was a millionaire.
    Ha…One drop to the ground and it’s worthless!

  • Icedog76

    $3400….That will be the price of the next Iphone with a working Maps App.

  • kroms

    Actually ? That is not BAD at all when you think about it.
    Consider this, In a short amount of time Isheep went from Iphone 4, 4S , 5.
    That alone is prett close this phone if not MORE.
    I know someone whom purchased all 3 before his 3 yr contract was up and hence he paid out of pocket for phones.

    Given the choice? I’d take the SG3 any day.

  • mangoman5566

    another lame/copied device/idea from sam(e)suck

  • IAmTheMightyFinder

    I just noticed that they began censoring the word i***t.

  • akjshd

    so wrong to the point that “pimp my horse” and “unpimp my ride” work.