Video: RIM demos BlackBerry 10 web browser and “Flow”

RIM has uploaded a couple cool videos that reveal a bit more insight into the upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS. The first highlights “BlackBerry Flow” that “starts from the moment you wake up BlackBerry 10.” Basically to “wake up” your Berry on BB10 you’ll swipe upward and reveal all your running apps on your homescreen (which houses 8 apps). RIM also calls these apps “active frames.” In addition, “BlackBerry Hub” is the center point of your BlackBerry 10 experience and allows you to a access your work/personal email, along with your messages from Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter by simply swiping to the right. If you swipe down from the top you’ll see your calendar and upcoming appointments.

Thankfully RIM’s web browser is getting a complete overhaul. RIM is claiming that the BlackBerry 10 Browser is the fastest – current HTML5 tests show this to be true – and is built on CSS, Javascript, and HTML. You’ll be able to “peek” to see your history, bookmarks, or create a new tab. All standard stuff. However, the “flow” of BB10 within the browser is thousands times better than any current BlackBerry device and brings you to a web page, or a scaled-down version in “reader mode.” Sharing within the browser is also easy, not revolutionary, but you’ll have quick access to share a page with friends via Twitter, Dropbox, LinkedIN, Facebook, BBM, BBM Group, NFC, or a text. Matthew Staikos, RIM’s Technical Director for Web Technologies, says the browser experience is probably one of the best browsing experiences period.

Looking great RIM! Wish the launch date of early 2013 would be pushed up. Check them out below.