iPhone 5 scuffs and scratches “normal,” according to Apple’s Phil Schiller

The iPhone 5 may have a new, hardier aluminum backing, but it’s also showing signs of wear and tear more easily than its 4S predecessor. In particular, the mirror-finish metal band, and the aluminum back, seem prone to scratches from little more than regular use. Some iPhone 5 users are claiming that their devices came scratched and dented out of the box.

Apple’s Phil Schiller, responding to a customer email, claimed that it is a normal sign of using aluminum products. “Any aluminum product may scratch or chip with use, exposing its natural silver color.” While this is not the same inflammatory comment as Steve Jobs’ infamous, “You’re holding it wrong,” claim during the iPhone 4 Antennagate years.

Apple has not made any plans to change the manufacturing process of the black iPhone 5 — the white version is less affected, but still prone — though it will likely replace devices in store for those users who found dents out of the box.

We have not seen any of these issues ourselves, and have found the iPhone 5 to be a lot more scratch-resistant than the 4S. If you’ve seen any of these manufacturing issues, let us know.

Source: 9to5Mac