iPhone 5 is now available for pre-order

Go forth, Canada. Apple’s newest device – the iPhone 5 – is officially up for pre-order on the Canadian Apple site. The iPhone 5 is “the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since the iPhone.” As for the prices, the 16GB version is $699, $799 for the 32GB, and $899 for the 64GB. Two colours are available: “white & silver” or “black & slate.”

Bell, Rogers and Fido will be going live with online pre-orders at 6AM EST. We’re not yet sure about Koodo and Virgin online reservations, but for sure in-store when doors open. TELUS seems to be the carrier that is open to pre-orders now.

TELUS has priced the iPhone 5 on the following 3-year contract prices:
16GB: $179.99 Requires a minimum $50/mo spend
32GB: $279.99 Requires a minimum $50/mo spend
64GB: $379.99 Requires a minimum $50/mo spend

Update: Virgin Mobile is now taking online pre-orders here.

Update: #2: Bell is taking pre-orders here.

Update: #3: Both Rogers and Fido are in business for the pre-orders now. Rogers and Fido both note on their pre-order page for existing customers that “As a limited time offer, if your device doesn’t ship within 14 days from launch or reservation, whichever is later, we’ll apply a $50 credit to your account as our thanks for your patience.”

The iPhone 5 official launch date is set for September 21st.

Source: Apple