Cineplex Mobile updated for iOS with streaming movie support

Cineplex Mobile for iOS has been updated to support the company’s growing streaming movie catalogue. In addition to buying tickets for films with no service fees, the company allows you to purchase movies from its store and stream them from within the app.

While the experience is no different, or less expensive, than purchasing and watching a movie with iTunes in the cloud, the ability to watch previously-bought movies anywhere might be helpful when the app is updated for Android as well. The store also has the occasional good deal, undercutting iTunes by a few dollars on the latest releases.

If you are a movie-goer in Canada, the Cineplex app is pretty indispensable, and now it’s even better. Even if you don’t plan to purchase movies through the online store, it’s still a great resource for buying tickets, checking showtimes, getting news and trailers on upcoming films, and checking your SCENE points tally.

Download Cineplex Mobile for iOS.