Rogers expanding LTE service to 10 new cities by October 1st


  • Gordon Burke

    Belus is way ahead of Rogers, both in coverage and in the quality of that coverage. Why would anyone even go with Rogers these days, unless you can somehow score a very good deal?

    The only way in which Rogers is ahead of the pack is by plastering their advertisements all over the place, and playing them on TV in, what seems to be, an endless loop.

    People who buy into media may consider Rogers, but smarter ones, the ones that actually do some reasearch, will never pick Rogers over its competitors.

    • Justin

      I feel like your comment is more prejudice than anyone choosing Rogers I have been with all three companies and if you do the Proper research you will find that bell and telus dont come close to rogers in terms of customer service.. When ever I have had a problem with rogers they make exception and give discounts. something that bell and telus never do. So maybe you should check your research.

  • Cnote

    Waiting for Winnipeg

    • Senk

      Yeah, what gives?

      Winnipeg has been plastered with billboards advertising LTE and “LTE Ready” devices for over a month.

  • cdub

    It’s about time. Rogers brags about being first, but then Bell and Telus have had LTE in Edmonton for months now.

  • Matt The Cat

    If you are living in a major city (Toronto here), do yourself a favor and test out Wind. I’ve been with them for, I would say, 2 years or so. The beginning was shaky, but man, have they improved, especially in the last 3-4 months!

    $45.20 (taxes included) for unlimited North American calling and MMS, unlimited global text, and 5GB of data simply can not be beat. And, even though this deal isn’t available anymore, any Wind offering sh*ts on what Rogers will ever have to offer.

    A happy Wind customer for 2 years, and I am never going back.
    Enough is enough.

    • real deal

      Good to know but me I have the real unl plan with rogers and I have the beast s3 to use it + I have LTE. Stay with your 5Gb and 3g speed if you’re happry.

    • get real

      There is nothing unlimited about any of Rogers’ plans, unless you’re paying $100+ a month…, but then you’re just a fool anyway.

  • Kid.Canada

    1) They have a crap load of ads on TV, Billboards and LTE ready devices in store in Winnipeg yet it’s not even on their list of being launch soon here??? Someone sue these crooks for these misleading ads because obviously the CRTC won’t do sh*t about it.

    2) I called in today to ask them when I would be eligible for an upgrade, they told me December 2013..WHEN MY FCKING CONTRACT ENDS!! And that I’d have to pay $208 as an early upgrade fee plus the $35 admin fee (for what???). So you think that’s funny Rogers?? Well we’ll see who gets the last laugh on that date if you’ll still even have me as a customer. Bunch of fvcking crooks! >:(

    • andy

      I’m just stating info, but the HUP rules changed back in march, or so. A huge thread was created for it. Prehup should be about $13/month until the term end. After the hup, you are put on flex tab.

      At $208 / $13/month, that equals 16 months. At least you can upgrade now. Under the old rules you would not be able to upgrade at all until 30 months.

    • squirrel_masher

      @Kid.Canada – if you really want to stir them up, post to their Facebook, twitter… if you are stuck with them until then you might at least get some Customer Service action on your case.

  • iZombie

    Bell has been in these locations for mounths know.Robbers is not leading the pack.

  • John

    I feel like we live at the end of the world here when I see the rates that Canadian carriers offer. I know that this might sound offtopic, but no matter how advanced is their technology, as long as they do everything to avoid competition, the customers will suffer and mobile business not only sucks but also make carriers struggle for their market share.
    Instead of having people shopping for voice and data plans, Canadian carriers only get unhappy customers who do not stop complaining about everything and who will pay attention on how much they talk… It is surprising but this is not what happens in other countries with really poor economies. They have one third of Canadians’ revenue but they pay ten times less than what we pay here.
    How come this is possible here in our great Canada? It is (so) easy: the big telecom companies make lobby to block any new company (from Canada or abroad) and, if by any chance a company will manage to get in business, guess what? they will start doing the very same like the others, ie suffocating the new companies, stealing their customers, ultimately killing their business.

  • Jon T

    LOL @ Rogers. I’ve been with them for over 10 years now and not by choice. I use both Bell and Rogers to get data coverage no matter where I am in the province for work. Rogers LTE is a joke. I live in south Calgary and I only get 4G when I’m within about a kilometer radius of downtown. How about you cover the whole city before “expanding” your network?

  • squirrel_masher

    Well at least we are better than UK – where their regulator ruled that only one carrier can have LTE until mid 2013, and even then that carrier is not able to turn it on in some areas until Oct this year…
    That said I was impressed that Bell had coverage in the Muskokas as a priority! must be some exec who wanted to try it out…

  • Someguy

    Waiting for LTE in Niagara.

  • atl

    what happened to Hamilton?

  • sim bob

    Quebec City ? With all the mega buzz about Bell’s FTTH rolout they will have a hard time making customers notice Rogers even still exist in Quebec …

  • Steve

    Too late.

  • John

    Rogers LTE is live in Edmonton NOW!! 🙂

  • kakarot

    I am waiting patiently for Winnipeg as well… since they “share” the towers now with mts (upgrades/maintenance). According to MTS they are “live” with Lte but only have 2 crap devices…. however, there is no mention of LTE anywhere, no advertising etc… I am thinking it is still in the beta stages. I hope and “assume” rogers will launch it here when mts does… if not, I can go back to MTS 🙂

    • Phil

      MTS and Rogers are not sharing towers for LTE, which is too bad because we’d already have it if they were!!!

  • Mike

    Getting LTE signals in Edmonton!!! 😀

  • GTP20

    I don’t understand the LTE thing at all… For years I was with Bell paying $25/month for 500MB of usage. If I’m not mistaken, the LTE is suppose to reach speeds of up to 40Mbs, what is everyone doing with these speeds if 500Mb cost $25/month and 1GB costs $35/month? Its not like you can download tv and movies etc…. Am I wrong or missing something?

    I switched to Wind two months ago and its amazing. I tether my laptop and my tablet off it, its works extremely well.

  • Jesse

    And once the iPhone’s announced, surprise surprise, LTE expands.

  • Dave

    Seems like Winnipeg is one of the smallest cities in Canada according to Rogers. I’ve had an LTE device for over a year and I’m still waiting. Heck, there are towns in Eastern Canada that already have LTE. Doesn’t make sense to me!

  • Lyndon

    Joy. Finally.

  • Joe

    Briefly had LTE in Oshawa today. Rogers must be doing some testing. Speedtest of 44 / 12