Rogers releases the LG C195 for $90 on Pay As You Go


  • Ryan

    It’s not bad for the paygo crowd and the “I lost my phone and I need a new one cheap and now” crowd.

  • EvanK

    Meh, spend a couple more bucks and get a decent handset. The One V comes pretty cheap and you get much better than this, and wasn’t the L3 just released for $125 outright?

  • Dylan K

    This is the direct replacement to the Nokia C3 that is not longer available. Students and people that JUST want to text loved that phone, nice to see they have a replacement now.

    • Ryan

      Dylan knows the score. People loved that phone.

  • wardog

    great phone at a great price

  • al

    I know you can’t really compare between countries but this is another instance of Ripoff Canada when it comes to mobile phones. I’m assuming there’s tax to be added here? So in ON $100 when you add the tax for that? Really?

    When I lived in the UK you could buy PAYG phones for around 20 pounds ($30) and that was with 10 pounds of credit loaded into it. If you wanted something android based with a bit more capability you’d still be well under $100 after converting the currency.

    In this case you’d be better stumping up a bit more and getting something a bit more powerful. Like the other LG phone – the optimus L3.

    I’m glad Canada is cheaper than the UK for just about everything besides phones/internet and alcohol (i don’t drink fortunately!). But we should always aspire to offer better and be more competitive. These prices are farcical. Realistically this phone is probably worth half the asking price here.

  • Al

    I’m so sick of whiny morons complaining that phones are expensive in Canada. It’s more than you would pay in other countries, we get it all ready.

    • al

      Clearly “we” don’t get it, as a whole though. If we did, companies like Bell wouldn’t be raising prices on already expensive plans. In the rest of the world prices generally decrease or you get improved features…they don’t get $3 added on just for the giggles.

      Too many people think the prices are reasonable and the charges for plans or “extras” are fair. So basically, your general assertion is wrong.

      In reality the major players in the market are operating little more than a cartel where they offer phones and plans at near identical prices. Even their marketing and advertising is similar or the same. I have an HTC Raider from Bell. On their self serve it shows me a picture of the device. The time is 10:08 on the picture. Go to Rogers site and see the same image used in one of their promo sections.

      Get with the program sir.

    • EvanKr

      And if we don’t complain, where do you think we’ll get? Nowhere, Robelus will just continue to raise prices and wring out our wallets.

  • Camel

    Slightly off-topic, but could someone tell me if you need a “paygo” phone like the one above to use the Pay As You Go service, or can hook that up to any phone that takes a Rogers SIM?

    • PayGo

      Any Rogers phone can work on PayGo if you just want to buy it outright. Just pop in a sim.

  • STY

    “you can have a time warp back a decade” Now that’s funny. LOL

    • Peachy

      somehow Rocky Horror now comes to mind “let’s do the Time Warp agaaaaaaaaain”..haha

  • wardog

    why are you talking about taxes in this thread? has nothing to do with the wireless carriers.

  • rip rim

    rip rim

    • Google licks!

      You’re right. This is a Rip-off of a RIM (BlackBerry) phone.
      RIM should be suing LG for this blatant copyright infringement.

  • Acco

    I like how they put a wifi logo front and centre on the phone.