Nokia to launch internal ethics investigation into misleading Lumia 920 ads


  • Shensmobile

    I don’t understand what everyone is fussing about. I guess this is why the majority of people serve McDonalds instead of working as engineers. I never care about promotional videos because they’re just that, promotional. They’re meant to be misleading and pretty.

    If you haven’t learned to use a product hands on before you buy, you’re gonna have a bad time.

    • Amar

      It’s the same as if someone spotted through an editing mistake that Ford used Toyotas to showcase new hybrid technology, or that a Walmart ad was filmed in Target to showcase their revolutionary self-checkout capabilities. Is it a big deal? No. Can point and laugh? Absolutely.

    • DL

      Exactly. How often does the pile of cr*p burger you eat at McDonald’s look like the picture that you see on display?

  • VoteQuimby

    I’m sure people whine about this stuff more often than we think, but it’s those disclaimers that hide the complaints. It’s only when someone forgets when it becomes any sort of news. Otherwise, videos of that sort are built specifically to impress, and not much else. The video did what it was supposed to do in SIMULATING the effect, but someone’s gonna pay for it now.

  • Netguru

    Whatever Nokia may have done, it pales in comparison to the numerous acts of deception, outright lies and invasions of privacy that Apple perpetrates on its customers.

    • Harley

      What do you mean? iPhones are the fastest phones. Apple invented Siri, and smartphones. Apple also invented the tablet. What kind of lies are you talking about in Apple ads?

      (Sarcasm) LOL

  • sicpuppy

    Too little , too late .
    Nokia already a farce .

  • Shane

    I was 6 years old and saw a commercial for Starfox on the SNES, my older brother assured me that the game would ship with a helmet which would allow you to communicate with your wingmen.

    Since that day I have not again fell victim to advertising tactics.

    “Do a barrel roll!”

    “You got it Slippy!”

  • Paul

    Why not just spend the money and reshoot the Ad? That is what would take the wind out of everyones sales that are crying foul. If the camera is that good should it should not be an issue.


    The video starts with a guy on a bike shooting the video, while holding the shaky phone with one hand.
    Then in the reflection of the REAL CAMERA you can see a camera so big and heavy that cas to be held INSIDE A VAN WITH THE DOOR OPEN MOUNTED ON A PROFESIONAL tripod!!

    A-The forgot to put in small letters “Sumulated image”
    B-One of the main reasons to buy a Nokia is the “supossed-amazing Camera” in their phones.
    C-This fiasco just destroyed the only perceived advantage that Nokia had over the competition.

    Nokia FAIL!
    Just make the press release and start releasing Android phones will ya??

  • Miknitro

    As said already, make a new promo using the phone and get it out there before we have to wait for tech sites to review and shows if it’s all that or not.
    Waiting equals deeper damage.

  • Crocography

    Really all this fuss, but yet Apple lies all the time and people are so forgiving. I just don’t get it. And if I say iSheep people get angry.

  • Dalex

    1) The evidence of fakery was actually discovered by Pocketnow, the Verge just likes to take credit for stuff they find elsewhere.

    2) The product launch was anything but flawless and impressive. They announced a nice looking phone I suppose, but no release date and were only pressured into giving a possible Q4 release in select markets… Best way to fail is get people excited about a product and making them want it, only to tell them they won’t be able to get it for months. As much as I hate saying this, take a lesson from Apple in this case. Yes I’m aware WP8 isn’t ready yet so its Microsoft’s fault too, but in the future don’t make the announcement so early.

    3) They actually showed the performance of the Nokia Lumia 920 to select bloggers the next day and the real camera is only slighty better than the current offerings and after looking at some of the night shots, the GS3 and One X pictures looked slightly sharper to some eyes, its just the Iphone 4s that sucked.

    • Keith

      The 920 shots that The Verge took the next day were far better than the GS3 or the HTC One shots and even The Verge acknowledged that. Plus the 920 is still in pre-release form and will likely get better yet. They botched the marketing but all that will be forgotten as soon as this beast is on the market.

  • madeinmars

    “…otherwise a flawless, and impressive, product launch…”

    It’s a FAILED product launch when you can’t release the product shortly after announcement, let alone give a concrete release date. FAILED

  • Jimbo

    I can see a lawsuit by Apple as they invented lying in their ads and have a patent on it. Here we go again.

    How about we wait until people can actually get hands on before we jump to conclusions. It was an ad, they misrepresented the product (as does every other company), lets move on and release them so we can judge for ourselves.


  • tomatoes

    Nokia needs to stop making a big deal about it. Their PR head needs to just shut up and let it go. Marketing companies are paid to help your sales and if this is what it takes, then that is what it takes. Camera companies do this all the time in their ads.

    Apple is worse though and some reporters need to call them out. Their artificial web page loading speed, where the loading bar finishes well before the webpage actually loads is much worse than this.

    Nokia just needs to be more careful about it next time.

  • Mike Darling

    I still want to buy this phone, i am so tired of my iphone 4. and of iphones in general. they have kick a*s marketing, but it was great when all these other options for phones were not around.

    I want this phone!

  • OgtheDim

    The comparison to McDonalds is facetious. If MacDonald’s put in their Big Mac ad that you were getting 6 patties, and then you open up the wrapper…you’d of course complain.

    That’s what Nokia did. Said you’d get x when you don’t.

    If the product sold says “This is what you will get” and you don’t, then yeah….you got a right to beef.

    And companies get taken to court and fined for doing stuff like that.

  • MaX

    They came out and apologized BEFORE the product was even released. It’s not like they announced this phone would have a feature or an update. Wait a whole year, THEN announce said update will never come out on that device. (I’m looking at you LG).

  • drone


    ..and here I was so impressed by their new camera sensors…