WSJ: Apple’s next iPhone will have LTE support


  • Bri

    Wow LTE!! YAY!! lolll

  • lol

    YAHOO! it will also have a touch screen! WOW! lol ish33ps

    • lol

      Oh I forgot to mention.. to be able to use the LTE..u need to wear thick gloves + socks on u r hands..if it doesn’t work then you are not holding it the right way..k?

  • nope

    this isn’t really a good thing for people who already have LTE, since iphones are so popular and the high traffic will slow down the speeds.

  • boojay

    Time for payback. Sue their @$$E$, SAMSUNG!!

  • Sean

    Well frankly if they didn’t launch with LTE support they would be the only non LTE high end phone to be released in months

  • Miknitro

    LTE AntennaGate II
    just when you thought you had heard enough whining….

  • trev

    Now LTE will be cool cause iphones will have it. So innovative.

  • Mike D

    Hahaha guess who owns most of the LTE patents.. yep Samsung.. sux’s to be you Apple.

    • briggs

      Seeing as those patents are for the chips, and Apple buy’s the chips from Samsung, I don’t think you’re correct in your implications.

    • Jay

      Looks like someone is beating Apple at their own game. Search Goophone. It’s an iPhone knockoff, but they’ve beat Apple to the patent office in China and might sue Apple if they launch the iPhone 5 there. *LMAO* GO GOOPHONE!

  • LTE is certain

    Qualcomm chipset selected is LTE. And a major Canadian carrier launched LTE early to support the new iPhone.

  • Devin

    Doesn’t Samsung own almost all of the LTE patents in the US? This could get interesting.

  • jonny

    Frankly, it would be quite embarassing for Apple if the iphone5 DIDNT have an LTE option.

    LTE is pretty much a given for new higher end phones.

  • Azzo

    LTE at 3G speeds

  • Netguru

    September 12, 2012 – Apple announces iPhone 5 with LTE;
    September 13, 2012 – Apple sues all manufacturers of LTE phones, claiming Apple invented LTE;
    September 13, 2014 – A jury in a San Jose courtroom awards Apple a ridiculous amount of money.

    Deja vu all over again.

  • What is this Madness?

    Are you tired of seeing the old iPhone look? Well thanks to our great innovation at Apple, not only do you get the same looking phone, you also get LTE Speeds!! (speeds may very from 0mbs – 2mbs). And our fantastic 3.5″ touchscreen, is now 4″!! NOW THAT IS MASSIVE. lol.

  • Gus

    If anyone actually read what the WSJ said, the point of the article is that it will have multiple LTE bands that will work in many parts of the world, not like current phones which seem to be mainly US based LTE.

    Looks like the upcoming Nokia Lumias will have multiband LTE as well.

  • Tom

    Nothing makes a phone look more appealing than greasy finger prints on it, at least polish it for the photo op! lol 😛

  • jen viv

    Someone start a Facebook group ‘laugh at iPhone lineups’ so we can all join and post pics pointing and laughing at people waiting to get their hands on a phone from 2 years go technology wise.

  • kris

    Apple 2012 Iphone 5 Keynote Presentaion: they just got through the new HUGE 4 inch screen and are now showcasing the 2nd feature…..Indroducing Ifast(lte)…..a new revolutionary way to transmit data. You will now be able to have internet faster then your house…on the go, all only possible with the new iphone 5!

  • S2556

    lol I could have told you this when the 4s didn’t launch with LTE. I laughed at it then how it didn’t even support hspa+ haha. If the iphone didn’t have LTE it would actually be a joke. The media would rip it apart and apples reputation for bleeding edge technology would forever be tarnished (for most people that read tech blogs it already is however)

  • superfly

    I know what LTE is……but what’s an “iPhone”?

  • James

    Time for Samsung to sue

  • Pewz


  • saltorio

    NEWSFLASH: the sky is blue, and the sun rises in the east.

    Why is this even considered news. As others have said: if the iPhone 5 didn’t have LTE functionality, it’d be the laughing stock of the industry – a “superphone” that lacks a main feature of all it’s competitors.

    • DL

      Completely agree with you there. It would be a major disappointment for it not to have LTE. I expect to see NFC support too.

  • Miknitro

    You said Superstore, lmao,tks for the chuckles.

  • Miknitro

    Frak autocorrect, SuperPhone

  • Tim

    I heard Iphone 5 will be hugely delayed until summer of 2013, cause of part problems

  • Tim

    Apple will hold a conference on September 12th, to tell all the Isheep, We are very sorry to make you all wait, but because we messed up with a bogus lawsuit against Samsung, so we lost our relationship with samsung and we can longer get parts from them, so we are very sorry to inform you all that the next iphone will be delayed until summer of 2013 so we can have the time to hopefully partner up with a another company we did not piss off, but it will take us some time, cause we pissed off a lot of companies over the years. So bare with us in our time of need and desperation. Take care Isheep

  • Cmr

    Its so funny how many android sheep there are and for some reason they think they are better than apple enthusiasts. You are still blindly following only one brand to the tee. I bet many of the android freaks have never even used an iPhone and have no idea what they are talking about.

  • Tomatoes

    The 4s really should have had LTE or at least HSPA+. Damn they are so behind the times. haha

  • Anthony E.

    @CMR – Oh come on! You know you laughed at some of these posts too. :p

  • SAM

    Now this is revolutionary.
    The guy who said all android users that they never used an iphone…… I want to tell you something all android users now had an iphone and they switched to android phones because they don’t want to be sheeps

    Stupid when I had iphone 4 apple invented the revolutionary iphone 4s. Now they want me to buy the same sh@t for the same price as low and they are claimed its all new from inside and ohhhhhh don’t forget siri

    Then I switched to galaxy s2. Now I have the s3.

  • picks

    i switched from the iphone to android before it was cool. I know exactly what im missing by not going back, unless apple decides to actually innovate and bring something new and innovative ill never go back.

  • Joseph

    to my Isheep friend — I used to be a Nokia fan then I switched to Iphone 3g then 3gs and 4 but when Iphone 4s was circulating and every stupid Iphone lovers where killing to get their hand on that I switched to Nexus S —

    Believe it or not once you go Android there is no turning back —

    IMO Iphone is not innovating anything but just changes the name of the features (copy cat) that are available on the other devices and massively advertise on them and poor Isheeps think their Iphone is the first!

  • Neil

    LTE…your late to the game apple ill stick with my Droid.

  • steve

    lte? well there goes your battery life… again… remember to buy 4 new chargers since your old usb cables arent going to work with this phone.

  • iPhone5ish

    If it looks the same.. how would people know I upgraded?..

  • Simon Tonekham

    still no word if the new iPhone will have the AWS capabilities – that would have been useful for Wind, Mobilicity and Videotron!

  • OGOD

    YAY, LTE. Prepare to buy car charger or external batteries.