TELUS launches the “easy device pre-ordering” option

New devices are inevitable. Some manufacturers are pushing out several handsets every month, while others release one per year. Some of the hottest smartphones have already been released, namely the HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S III, Sony Xperia ion, and the Galaxy Note, but Apple is on deck to announce their next-generation iPhone in a few days. This will happen on September 12th.

TELUS seems to be getting ready for the rush. They’ve created the “Easy Pre-Order” device program. TELUS states that “Pre-ordering from TELUS will allow you to be the first amongst your friends to have the latest device without having to wait in any line! Get your device delivered straight to your doorstep.”

To pre-order the “latest iconic devices,” customers can either order online, or walk into any TELUS or Black’s location and hand over their contact info, plus pay the termed purchase price on the device. In an email to us TELUS noted that those wanting to upgrade “simply need to log into their TELUS mobility account to check their Device Balance before pre-ordering their new device. Upon pre-ordering, the customers’ Device Balance will be applied to their next bill and then their new pre-ordered phone will be shipped directly to their home and voila!”

Seems like a good option for those waiting for a desired device, especially if you’re not fond of lineups. Rogers created something similar last year with their “Online Reservation System.”

Source: TELUS