Nokia Lumia 920 to support wireless charging, feature 8MP PureView camera?


  • Marco

    It’s still a Windows Phone… won’t sell much… too bad!

    • yosme

      is this bb10?

  • mrlostman

    So basically, it’s not pureview…
    All in all, though, looks like a winner and can’t wait to see how this wireless charging works.

  • Miknitro

    After watching LTE fiasco on buds Nokia 900 here in Canada, I doubt they’ll get repeat sales from former Nokia owners.

    Nice piece of kit, will it all work and not be forgotten is question.

  • Nataku

    Looks like it’s gonna be an awesome phone… I have a windows phone now and it’s great in my opinion. It’ll be great if the phone can work on wind mobile network >_<. I love the Nokia phone designs buts sadly the ones that goes to windate not that great.

  • Chew

    Looks great, BUT 8MP should never ever ever be called Pureview! Not so much a deal breaker as a piss off.

  • DRI

    I am waiting for the Windows Phone 8 to emerge. I will be offering up an Ice Cream Sandwich for sale!

  • Mike

    Like most cameras I think the pureview tech is based on a lot more than just the mp rating so I think 8mp will work just fine.

    • kris

      no pure IS based on MP. how pureview works is by upsampling pictures. high mp are needed for this. 8mp is not enough to upsample or use loseless zoom.

  • drone

    It’s lacking one thing: Android 😀

    • Mike

      You mean the software that got Samsung $1 billion fine? No thanks. Nokia is doing fine with Windows.

    • DRI

      I think you mean Bland-droid.

    • Keith

      It’s lacking a few other things as well such as uninstallable carrier bloatware, spying programs and trogans, etc.

  • Dylan D

    Looks great, 8mp pureview.. does not.

  • Stupid

    I would sooner switch from Android to BB10.
    No joke.

    Pure View is intriguing though this isn’t real pure view.