Grooveshark re-added and then promptly removed again from Google Play Store

Grooveshark for Android was removed from Android’s then Marketplace last year due to pressure from the four major music labels, all of whom are suing the company for copyright infringement. Without warning, the app was reinstated earlier this week, prompting cries of “Victory!” from various DMCA protesters and digital copyright activists.

Days later, it looks like Google has removed the app once again, no statement given, likely due to continued complaints by the music labels. The app is still available to download from Grooveshark’s mobile website — m.grooveshark.com — and can be found on a number of other platforms, including iOS through the Cydia jailbreak store.

The mobile portion of the service costs $9/month, similar to competing platforms such as Rdio, Deezer and Slacker.

Via: The Verge