Fido goes live with LTE service


  • lol

    5GB for 72$? f losers

  • Yeria

    Wow, that’s just ridiculously expensive. Fido shouldn’t be a discount brand anymore. I don’t even know why Rogers keeps Fido around. They’ve got ChatR too.

  • wardog

    whoah… is this the first new entrant to go live with LTE?!

    like the news a lot

    • Mark

      Microcell started Fido back in 1996 in Montreal and Toronto. and slowly expanded across the country after that. Rogers bought Microcell in 2004 after the Microcell board rejected an offer from Telus. Microcell was in tough financial shape for a few years because back then they truly were the “mavericks”. With the first to offer UNLIMITED calling with CityFido and CanadaWide, plus UNLIMITED data for $50 (which back then was an awesome price). In 2008 Rogers rebranded Fido to be their discount brand to take on Wind and Mobilicty (and Videotron in Quebec).

  • Samuel

    Too bor their pricing, plus they should have rolled out a phone like the S3 specially if rogers (their owners) have it already.

  • Miknitro

    Nice and steep pricing.

    Are they honestly charging more for LTE usage?

    Bone the fido user it seems.

  • Joey_G

    What’s the point in having FIDO? Just consolidate it with Rogers and promote Chatr as the value brand!

  • Rob

    correct me if I’m wrong, but Fido does NOT operate it’s own network, it’s part of the Rogers family, which means it uses the same towers as Rogers. Why are only certain LTE cell sites enabled for Fido customers when Rogers has LTE service is so many more cities?

    This does not make sense to me from a technical standpoint

    • Asdot

      Rogers doesn’t want people jumping over to Fido’s slightly cheaper plans, thus it is in their interest to keep Fido “crippled”. Worse phone selection, smaller LTE coverage, etc.

      Also, Rogers can’t price mobile internet fairly, because they will jeopardize their cable Internet business. Therefore, mobile internet prices remain artificially inflated.

      And so Rogers has money to buy arenas, sport teams, TV channels, while their customers are brainwashed into thinking that $80+ a month for talk, text and data plan is “normal” an “fair”.

      Welcome to Canada.

    • Fury

      what are you talking about? The fido LTE coverage map is the same as the Rogers one. Hell, the LTE info on the fido site still says Rogers all through it. They just copy pasted a lot of the info from one web site to the other.

  • wardog

    Fido is a new entrant which came into the market in 2008 along with Wind and Mobilicity. It may use a major portion of Rogers network, but for the most part, it is its own network.

    • Beso

      you sir are wrong …. Fido used to be called microcell and they used to have their own towers before and they were bought by Rogers and Rogers ended up using their towers and letting Fido use Rogers towers as well …

      it is not a new etrant at all !!!

    • tendenzi

      wait are you joking? Fido rebranded around that time to the ugly yellow font, but it was sold to Rogers in 2004, and prior to that was a separately owned company under Microcell. Nothing in 2008 other than a logo change should let you assume such a statement as being correct.

    • Netguru

      @wardog, Fido (Microcell) was a GSM carrier long before Rogers switched from TDMA to GSM.

  • wardog

    Ok – so it is not a new entrant anymore, but it used to be.

    • Justin Credible

      Wardog, Fido was a new entrant in 1996…that’s 16 years ago. The only thing they did in 2008 was change their logo lol.

  • Richard

    I used to have an adapter on my fido phone so I could roam to rogers coverage if i needed to. This would have been around 2000. Crazy how things of changed in 11 years. 2 years ago I owned a dumb phone and a 3g ipad for my email in the field. Now I got the Galaxy 3 phablet to replace both.

  • wardog

    REGARDLESS of whether Fido is new entrant or not, this IS a HUGE victory and win for technology in Canada. How many carriers do we have that are LTE capable now? Certainly more than most other nations.

    THAT is the real story today.

    • Fury

      Too bad the coverage for LTE with Rogers/Fido is horrible. I doubt I’ll see it in my City for a few years.

    • Endo

      Are you are ready to jump on LTE, with its spotty, unreliable coverage, and the way that it drains battery at a much higher pace?

      I’ll hold off for a while still, until it’s sorted out, and the price falls.

      Thing about it – do you really NEED LTE? I don’t, and most people don’t either.

  • Fury

    As for the priceing of the data folks, this is for the mobile hotspot/data stick. NOT for the phones. The data plans on phones will likely mimic Rogers priceing.

  • SamSam

    Xperia Ion and HTC One S will be added to the list sometime in the near future as well.

    I have been with Wind for almost 2 years, and there are ZERO deals out there that impress me enough to even begin considering switching.

    Thank you for coming to Canada, Wind!

    • SamSam

      Oh wow… wrong window fail.
      My bad, folks 😉

  • madeinmars

    Okay can someone help enlighten me?

    I have a 6GB data plan already. If I have an LTE phone with an LTE sim card, is that 6GB data plan LTE?

    • Lte

      if your 6gb is added in july 2010 and later yep it will and if it’s earlier you will need to call for some changes…

  • Mobile User

    @madeinmars, Existing Fido customers will have LTE provisioning added to their lines. So your 6GB plan can be used with LTE speeds.

  • Lte

    Prices still the Same in all canada ( not talking about wind public mobilicity videotron MTS Sasktel )
    So again prices are the same ( the pricing that u see here are canada wide and carrier wide for STICK DATA…)

    the Rest of the Data pricing still the same no changes
    if u have a data since 2010 u will be able to use the lte cause they r Lte Ready u will just need an LTE SIM and LTE Phone…
    But still Just Call Fido 1rst to make sure the option is in the data add on.

  • Porilaisten

    Outrageous pricing, you can tell robbers is behind this one.

  • 8543

    I just called FIDO and the LTE FLEX DATA is only for that mobile hotspot thingy. You could still use LTE on your current date plan (:

    • 8543

      if your device is compatible with LTE of course .

  • Mike

    If you look at their coverage map they seem to have LTE in all the same places that Rogers does. Ian just forgot to mention some cities, like Halifax….

  • Rob

    Just called Fido, apparently my 6GB data plan for $30 is LTE compatible, all I need is an LTE sim and it will automatically work…

  • Kroms

    5GB for $72 ? L M A O

    Canadians get screwed AGAIN. Thanks to the CRTC and the whomever is taking pay for letting this happen to our great Country. ALl in the name of Keep it Canadian !

  • Jonny

    These prices are ridiculous for a gimmick LTE LMAO LOl. These carriers can’t fool me, its pretty much the same data but just with a new name just to confuse people in thinking its a totally new service just for an excuse for these carriers to rip customers off once again. This is a horrible gimmick to fool people. $72 for only 5gb is a joke or what. I pay $60 for 6gb of data, 250 daytime minutes, unlimited after 5pm, unlimited incoming calls, unlimited text and picture messaging, with canada wide calling, voicemail and caller ID included with Koodo, and Fido has $72 for only data of 5gb wow what a rip off for a gimmick. Who ever falls for this is pretty much a dumb person in my opinion lol

  • Patiently Waiting

    Got my Fido LTE SIM, activated it and got it cut to a micro SIM. After placing it in my phone, noticing that LTE was not appearing on my status bar, I called Fido. Once I explained to them my concern and being put on hold for 15-20 mins, as the customer service representative spoke with his “IT Department,” I was told that the LTE service is not available to customers using devices other than the one Sierra Wireless Aircard they sell for LTE use. I was immediately told that the LTE service for mobile device, such as my unlocked Lumia 900, should be up at running “in the coming weeks.”

    • Rob

      to “Patiently Waiting” – can you please keep us updated as to your progress?

      Also, to confirm, the LTE sim that Fido sells is a full size sim card? not a microsim?

  • Geo

    @ Patiently Waiting : i was able to use my Lte network on my HTC one X . from day one. so no prob with it.
    so call back and make sure that the lte soc is in the acc what hey told u dont make any sens.

    @ Jonny : Reading and having more info about pp and adds on is inteligent . so you can start by doing so. the addon that u see above posted my mobilesyrop is for data stick and its nation wide and all carrier.
    for data Same data still applies no price change

  • Patiently Waiting

    So, my LTE status is showing as of this weekend. I’m only gtting one bar of recepton though. However, the speed of my net is double than that of my 4G connection at only one bar.

    Rob: Fido said they are not going to carry the microSIM LTE cards until they release a LTE smartphone (not including the iPhone 5 because of the nano-sim it uses)

  • Dave

    I got my 6gb $30 plan a year ago. So if I’m using an lte device w this plan is tethering still free for 6gb?