iSkin puts up “iPhone 5” notification page, also offers up a “16GB or equivalent” in contest

Toronto-based accessory manufacturer iSkin has taken to the interweb and informed the masses that Apple’s next-generation iPhone, which they call the “iPhone 5,” is coming soon. On their site they’ve created a notification page that shows the said device, but covered up with a cloth with iPhone 5 written on it. Surely Apple has some limitations to what accessory manufacturers can do and can’t do. However, iSkin also sent out a press release stating their intentions to launch “a series of products specially designed for customers seeking unique, innovative and fashionable ways to dress and protect their new iPhone 5…New iSkin products for the iPhone 5 are expected to be available shortly after the next iPhone is announced.”

In addition, to get people interested in their cases they’ve thrown together a chance to win the new iPhone when it comes available – you’ll just have to hand over all your contact info. In the terms and conditions they note the “Winner will be awarded the new iPhone 5 16GB or equivalent. This does not include any mobile data or service plan from any carrier.”

Apple is rumoured to be holding a media event on September 12th to announce the new iPhone.

Source: iSkin
(Thanks Bob!)