WIND Mobile releases the WINDspeed Pocket Hotspot E586E


  • 5Gs


  • pats

    dont expect those speeds on winds network!!

  • Not Needed

    Why buy a separate hotspot device when you can tether off your phone?

  • TestMe

    Unless they increase the Fair Usage Policy on the mobile internet plans to at least 50GB, what is the point?

  • All I do is Wind

    This is probably useful for people that don’t have androids or blackberry’s or for homes who don’t want interner from the big 3 or other companies…

  • Radar

    Good for tablet users I think.

  • tremSr

    Agreed. As I have done the Wind portable internet stick and 10gb cap is crap! I went through that in a day.

    @All I do is Wind
    You do realize that there are alternatives? I have used Distributel and they don’t throttle and no data cap.

    I used the 4g mobile stick and as soon as my 10gb were up they throttle so hard that I couldn’t load a page. LITERALLY. I could not even just surf the web. I pay the same for net with Distributel and I get speeds that exceed what I pay for and I still don’t have to worry about going over a data cap.

    • MyKeyboardIsSticky

      You tried using wireless Intenet as a replacement for cable Internet? Genius!

    • tremSr


      No, I used it outside of my home on my laptop. 😉

  • holler back girl

    “Wind Releases” – hehehehehe

  • Bubbles

    Edmonton speeds are rocking these days. I might get one just for sharing Internet between different devices

    • Piff


      Are you sure, there is a discussion on Howard Forums how Winds datd speeds have nose dived. My speeds are slower than dial up. There is more to the story but that is the gist of it.

  • OgtheDim

    Why hotspot a laptop or two and be throttled?

    I suppose if one just wanted to read email this would be useful, but who does only that these days on anything larger then a smart phone? Heck, unless you use an ad-blocker, you’ll be downloading half the monthly throttle amount with vidoe ads.

    I like Wind.

    This makes no sense.

  • B is for the BEST

    is this bb10? *rolling eyes*

  • aregularonhofo

    I really love the way Wind Mobile is killing Mobilicity, adding more coverage/equipment almost every week now and expanding-this is a good sign and seeing all those Mobi subs switch is what we need and finally things are picking up.

  • STY

    I dumped cable internet for a Wind data stick over a year and a half ago. I use youtube and netflix, etc. constantly without issue. And I’ve never been throttled, or slowed. Those claiming otherwise either are robelus shills, or didn’t take the time to set up their equipment properly.

  • Mobilicity going bankrupt fast.

    Wind is better than Mobilicity because of speed, but primarily coverage area.

  • Mobilicity Bankrupt

    WIND don’t buy or merge with Mobilicity. Let them die, and then pick up the pieces. Much cheaper this way…

  • Alex

    A little more proofreading is needed! Right in the first sentence: “A new portable hostpost has been released…”

    Seriously? A hostpost?! I’d better get one now!

  • Fruvous

    Specs say UMTS 850/1700/1900/2100; GSM 850/900/1800/1900. Can anyone verify that if I get this unlocked it will work with the Big 3?

  • Snow White

    I too see that it supports UMTS 850/1700/1900/2100. If unlocked will it work at 3G speeds in the UK and Europe?
    I know that most of Europe and Asia use HSPA 2100.
    Does UMTS = HSPA ?

  • Paul

    I have the first mobile hotspot from Wind. Wind speeds arent the best although i was able to do allot of things on my tablet with it. I would only recommend getting the new one if you plan on using it with a tablet. Using it with your computer wont be the greatest and its not so ideal for your phone either. I had the rogers lte hotspot for a while and honestly thats the best internet ive ever had better than my cable internet, although it was very very expesive $50 for 10Gb and $10 per Gb for going over the original 10Gb up to a maximum of 15Gb for about $100CAD :/ (I had to cancel -_-)

  • tom

    hi,can you tell me from which company did you buy the unlock code for thw Wing huawei E586E ?


  • Snow White

    The unlocked Wind Huawei E586E worked great in the UK. Download speeds were over 10Mbps using HSPA+. Who really needs LTE/4G? I was using EE which is the new merged T-Mobile & Orange company. Entry level pay-as-you-go data plan is 7GBP for 500MB for 1 week. Data SIM cost 10GBP.
    But Skype phone calls would not work! It looks like EE is jamming it so as to protect it’s voice & texting plans. Skype worked very well with the E586E when connected to a land based WiFi in hotels and cafes.
    I got the unlock code from eBay – just search for: UNLOCK CODE E586E