Virgin releases the “All in One 40 Plan”


  • Don

    “Jam packed” 150 minutes and 250MB for $40, lol.

    • Rio

      That has to be the cheapest data plan there is, I dont know what your complaining about.

      Not everyone needs 6 Gigs of data. This is a great low budget plan.

      But then again even if they gave you this for 10$ youd find a reason to cry

    • Yeria

      Great low budget plan?? See, this is another real problem we Canadians have: We’re too used to seeing ridiculously expensive plans, so we think it’s a great plan when this kind of crap plan shows up.

      $40 plan needs to include Unlimited Canada-wide calls/texts, Caller ID and 2GB of data to be even considered worthwhile. Do you think it’s ridiculous to ask for something like that? Well, then it’s time for you to travel to East Asia, where the concept of “long distance” for mobiles doesn’t exist and unlimited TV watching and data consumption on smartphones are the norm.

    • ih8fanbois

      @yiera we arent in east asia and sorry, those kinds of prices will never be available in canada to average consumers. Not while the big 3 dictate the market prices, which will be, forever.

  • Andy c

    Bump the data upto 1gb and i would be interested

  • Sean

    Pretty good plan for students who don’t need a large amount of data. It includes CID and VM which is a real plus and unlimited canada and international text is also great though why mention the US if they are international

    • Oh Please…

      Things aren’t going too well at your Virgin booth in the mall, eh, Seanny?

      Did Virgin authorize you to post here, are are you doing it at your own free will?

      Your post reeks of corporate greed…

    • Sean

      No i’m saying that this plan actually includes caller ID VM and international text which is something i havn’t seen virgin include in plans before and hey 250 is not a lot of data put for some people it could be enough.

      Obviously Wind is much better but a lot of people don’t have access to Wind

  • steven schwartz

    Wow 250 MB of data, so generous. $40 bucks at wind or mobilicity kicks this plan’s butt. Really I have said it before I want to interview the people who come up with these plans.

    • Josh

      It’s one of those you get what you pay for, Mobilicity and Wind offer dirt cheap plans because their networks are crap and they need to offer dirt cheap plans to get anyone to switch. That said, this plan is literally identical to Koodo’s “The Works” plan so we know how they came up with it.

    • Yeria

      Yeah, Josh, keep on thinking that. We wouldn’t want Robellus to profit less than a billion dollars per quarter now, would we?

      And Wind network is crap for sure. I pay $40 a month and I only got to use 8.2GB of data last month – according to my Galaxy Nexus. I mean, I wasn’t charged extra, but only 8.2GB? I only got to call my friends in US about 30 times last months too. Oh well..

  • D!

    Virgin stretching the definition of “All” here.

    • MG

      No stretching at all. They just take us for i****s. Oh wait! Hold on! There are benefits to being with Virgin, right? Like discounts in retail, etc… Wow. Now THAT totally makes up for their crappy pricing! [wink, wink]
      Does Sir Richard Branson have any idea how these Bell morons are butchering his brand??? Probably not…

    • Trotsky

      Wait, did you just censor i****s?

  • Dee

    considering Koodo released this in Aug pretty pathetic Virgin surprise surprise Virgin copies Koodo AGAIN!!!

  • snardos

    This is actually pretty decent. Most carriers charge at least $20 just for the 250 MB add on. I doubt you could get the rest of this plan for only $20 including CID/VM.

    • Josh

      I don’t know Virgin’s rates but Koodo offers the same plan and it’s essentially $50 of service for $40(the minute plan is $30 on it’s own, the texting is $5 and the data is $15).

  • baconeater

    500mb and “my 5” would make this interesting. I fuess tjeyre making this out to be a good deal because it actually comes with CID and VM.

  • preet

    is this some kinda joke “all in”
    damn maybe my english is reallllly reallyyyyyyy bad i cant read properly
    am i missing something here please someone tell me what does all in mean

  • Anthony

    250MB data

  • superfly

    So now this site is scared of Apple. You had a post for preorders for $100 from a store and you removed it. Sheesh you guys are pussies.

  • Jeff

    The goal of these carriers is to get their users to pay an average of 40$ for a basic plan plan and 65$ average for a basic data plan. I’m really tired of this!

  • vn33

    I say carriers have to include at least 500Mb before they’re allowed to use any of the following words: “awesome”, “sweet”, “jam packed”

  • Janika

    Canadians are really kept in the dark by these so called providers and their “all in one plans” Sooner or later they have to realise, The number games/times are over. Ppl don’t want to count minutes when talkint to someone locally. The big, fat guy in the expensive suit is used to it that we pay thru the nose. Technology has evolved to a point where providing a number and a line costs very little these days. If T-Mobile/Vodafone in the UK can give you an “All you can eat” data plan for 15-Punds a month (prepaid) Not sure what the heck we’re paying for here, am I missing out on something? Oh yeah, the large coverige area and the size of this country, so the story goes.

  • guibou

    Even videotron, does better the same plan at the same price, except that you get 500mb instead of 250mb of data and unlimited videotron to videotron user calling. and the are not the cheapest around…

  • zzZZzz

    Again we have comparisons to Wind. Say what you want about this plan, Virgin or companies in general, but would you please STOP mentioning Wind. You do realize Ontario and BC does NOT equal the rest of Canada right?

    Please bring Wind everywhere and then, by all means, tell everyone how Wind offers are better. Until then, can we, drop it?

    • Reno911

      It is still relevant, only if to show how badly you are being ripped off.

  • BTW

    Just to let you guys no, if you take this plan, you do not get a data subsidy on high end smartphones. Seriously though all these wind and mobilicity fans, get over it. Good for the two provinces that have those companies. And as for videotron, you get charged as soon as youre no longer in their coverage zone. Stop crying about details. A few months ago ppl were complaining about similar plans being 10$ more and not having cid and vm…now its 10$ less and includes both options yet people are still whining. Canada has terrible plans..we have the worst cell phone market. People come here from europe and the states and they freak out over how we dont have unlimited plans. Move if you cant stop bitching.

    • Yeria

      “Move if you can’t stop bitching”

      I’m glad not everyone follows that mantra in this country, because if we did, no one would be living here.

  • BTW


  • Adam

    Anyone else notice this plan isn’t live on their website anywhere?… Just $40 Choice plan that’s basically the same, with my5, no Caller ID or VM, and only 100mb.

  • faizo

    Make that 2GB data, and then you are talking ‘jam packed’.

    Ridiculous !

  • A. Carmine

    Surely this is better than Wind Mobile’s $40-unlimited-everything plan!


  • Maxime

    I have the same plan on Koodo and, for me, 250MB is enough. I didn’t even have a data plan before, because most of the time I have WI-FI. And yes, Wind has some nice plans, but if I travel in the country, it’s going to be more expensive than this plan with Virgin or Koodo.

    • Anton

      Just curious is the plan you described still available? If so is this a promotion on their webiste?

  • Piff

    Am I the only one that would give up voice mail and caller i.d. for more standard data.

  • DoctorCell

    You guys will always complain. sure its not a good plan for our geeky needs but for many students thats a good offer

  • Josh

    Wind’s $29 plan is only for a year, my friend attempted to get one of those last year assuming he’d get the $35 plan when it ran out. Of course the $35 plan became the $40 plan and now he’s sitting on a $300+ tab… Absolutely evil…

  • Peter

    Does anyone actually get this plan? I call virgin, they told me they don’t have this. They only have the “awesome 40”.

    • gurnishan

      the same thing happened to me, they didnt know what i was talking about

  • lol

    lol, so funny all these poverty stricken nerds complaining how expensive this plan is. Yeah, go spend $10 less a month on wind, have fun with all that data, enjoy your s**t internet speeds and awful call quality lol. I’d rather pay the extra money per month on the big 3 and get proper reception with good LTE speeds, not to mention a good phone, pretty sure 99% of wind phones are the shits.

    • Randy – 1

      I think you’re confusing “poverty stricken” with insightful. Just because someone can see through marketing hype, even if you can’t, and recognize something isn’t a good value, doesn’t mean they can’t afford it.

  • Dan

    this doesn’t appear on their website.. has anyone been able to get this on their phone??

  • JustMeAndMe

    Sure, but they offer everything all unlimited for $29 right now so even adding the VM still makes it less than $40

  • Josh

    Read the fine print, that deal actually expires after a year, at which point they jack up your rates and because they use a supertab, some people get stuck paying close to $50 for terrible coverage just so they can have an “unlimited” plan…

  • To correct you

    The new $29 plan is for life not for 1 year

  • jay

    This plan is available at kiosks, not sure if available over the phone

  • Josh

    You say that but there is nothing in Wind’s service agreement to stop them from jacking up the rates a year from now(or any time for that matter) which they did the last time they offered this plan…

  • Reno911

    @Josh These plans are for life, dumb-dumb.

    I know that you’re hurting from paying through your nose every month, so if putting down companies like wind makes you feel a bit better, then I say go for it 😉

    Wind customer for 2+ years here. You don’t want to know how much I’ve saved over this period, and never even once did I have to keep track of my usage – it’s unlimited.

    Sorry, Josh, but you’ve bet on the wrong horse, and now you’re paying for it.

  • B

    In a world… where $40 a month is a budget plan. My god. $$$$

  • gurnishan

    i actually wanna switch to this plan and called virgin apparantly this plan doesnt exist and all the wind and mobilicity guys out their i tried them in my area their coverage sucked gonna stick to virgin for the mean time but would really like this plan since it has cid and 250mb which is an upgrade from 100 and no cid for the same price

  • Josh

    Fine my bad, the current one doesn’t say a year but that’s what they did to everyone last time anyways. Besides why write a year when they state in their service agreement that they have a right to terminate this plan whenever they wish…

  • SeemsFine

    I was scared into getting a 1GB plan a while ago… however in 8 months, my highest data usage has been 58MB on data, and 2.3GB on WiFi. Why does everyone “need” 6GB of data, wireless is freaking everywhere now.

  • Windy

    And yes, stop comparing to Wind, until they have canada wide coverage like VMC/Bell coast to coast, it’s comparing an apple to an orange.

  • Robellus-troll-jock

    This is a very good plan. 250mb is more than enough for everyone. Anyone who goes over that deserves to pay overages

    Per minute is fair too. If you eat into a minute why should you leave leftovers

  • neil7

    This new offer seems to be causing lots of contreversy… well here’s my take on it:

    It’s a relatively great plan for a student like me who wants a good phone with some data and a couple more features.
    But it’s a horrible plan if you compare it to what we can get in the rest of the world.

  • alex

    Definitely switching into this!! thanks

  • coop3422

    Wow, there’s a lot of people trying to back up wind and the small entrants. Ya sure, $40/month for unlimited everything is great if you never leave the city. Lots of people leave the city to go do things, getting nailed with “roaming” charges 5 mins out of town is a joke.

  • 8543

    those plans are not forever . I got one of there promotion plans last year and they said that my plan will last forever but when I looked at my receipt Expire Date Oct 2012 .

  • ltjmax

    Not bad, I wanted to switch to this plan since I never use more than 100mb/month, but people at Virgin told me they know nothing about this plan and they can’t find it in their files. Well… Is this plan real?

  • Dustin

    Is this a joke?

  • Adam

    Maybe it’s just for Quebec residents… ??


  • martian

    Virgin is not innovative at all, they always copy Koodo…..
    Hands down, Koodo ROCKS and virgin SUCKS.

  • ltjmax

    People at Virgin told me the plan doesn’t exist and that they are sorry for the confusion.

  • GeeEl

    I set this up yesterday also got 10% off my bill for bringing my own unlocked phone! Plus my reception is better than Fido already. Great plan for moderate users.