Google launches Octane Javascript benchmark for desktop, smartphones and tablets

Google has launched a new Javascript benchmark for desktop, smartphone and tablet browsers, focusing on its new V8 Javascript Engine. Octane expands the company’s existing V8 Benchmark Suite, adding five new tests that are relevant to the real-time web — these are tests that actually emulate day-to-day web usage.

As you can see above, Chrome for OS X scores nearly 10x what Chrome for Android does on the Motorola ATRIX HD LTE, showing just how far we still have to go to reach a so-called “desktop experience” on our smartphones.

Octane has been open-sourced for anyone to use and alter as they wish. The relevant new tests are:

Box2DWeb runs a JavaScript port of a popular 2D physics engine that is behind many well-known simulations and web games.
Mandreel puts a JavaScript port of the 3D Bullet Engine to the test with a twist: The original C++ source code for the engine is translated to JavaScript by Onan Games’ Mandreel compiler, which is also used in countless web-based games.
Pdf.js is based on Mozilla’s PDF reader and shows how Javascript applications can replace complex native browser plug-ins. It measures how fast the browser decodes a sample PDF document.
GB Emulator is derived from an open source emulator of a famous game console running a 3D demo.
CodeLoad measures how quickly a JavaScript engine can bootstrap commonly used JavaScript libraries and start executing code in them. The source for this test is derived from open source libraries (Closure, jQuery).

So load up Octane Javascript Benchmark Suite and let us know what you score.

Source: Chromium Blog