New iPhone preorders expected for September 12th, Canada should be among initial release countries on September 21st (Rumour)


  • Joey

    Awesome, can’t wait.

    • ToniCipriani

      Since when is disappointment something to look forward to?

    • Joey

      Who said disappointment was coming?

    • metoo

      @ToniCipriani that’s something you’d be better asking our fellow Android readers.

    • ToniCipriani

      @metoo I’m sorry but you’re absolutely wrong there. I belong to neither camps.

    • Brad F

      @ToniCipriani “I belong to neither camps.”

      Then why are you calling a product that hasn’t even been *announced* yet a disappointment.

      You might as well just start saying the Galaxy S IV is going to be a disappointment because it still doesn’t run stock Android or come with a 16-core processor.

    • ToniCipriani

      @Brad F

      Since when did my comment mention anything about me talking about the product? 😀

      Man I love fanboys…

    • Tim

      On Sep 12..RIP ANDROID

  • Studystand

    Regarding this rumoured iPhone 5 design, there is no way Apple is going to put the headphone jack at the bottom. That makes no sense.

    • Teamcanada

      I guess its another thing Samsung and Apple can fight about in the future. My nexus has the headphone jack on the bottom (most new android phones do).

      I can’t wait for this, this will be my first ever iPhone… Sept 21 cant come quick enough.

    • Brad F

      That’s the way they have it on the iPod touch.

      It makes sense to orient the phone in your pocket in such a way that when you grab it you’ll keep it in your hand in that orientation. Putting the headphone jack just makes this easier.

    • Brad F

      Edit: Putting the headphone jack [at the bottom] just makes this easier.

    • A

      I think that having the charger at the top of the device is stupid as well, especially if anyone uses a holder in the car.. totally stupid.

  • astudent

    Of course its going to be Sept 12, Apple always allows pre-orders on announcement days. They use the hype to fuel the sales, works damn well too.

    • boojay

      Guys, the iPhone 5 has been out for a while, it’s called the iphone 4S, which was like the 4, which was like the 3GS, and so on and so on….you get the point. BTW, I’m sure we’re getting a good idea of what the iPhones 6, 7, 8 will look like as well.

  • Dustin

    Exciting! Cannot wait to get it.

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Ahhh the smell of true excitement and anticipation is in the air.
    It’s gonna be a good September, folks. Get ready for the magic, it’s gonna be magic like you’ve never experienced it before


    • Brad F

      I think you forgot to mention how magically magical it’s magically going to magically be.

    • hoo dat

      Will it magically disappear?

  • Blair Davis

    I hope it launches on koodo too. If they launch a new sim card for this phone I hope koodo picks it up.

    • Rex Banner

      I just switched to Koodo. The rep couldn’t say for sure, but he felt fairly confident that they would be getting it, and possibly at launch too when everyone else gets it, since they got the previous iPhones right away

  • Threecube

    I really hope it’s not like what these “leaked” images look like.

    • Brad F

      I hope that *if* it is what those images show, that those images just happen to have really bad lighting or something, and that the real thing looks a lot better.

  • Keith

    Bad timing because Windows Phone 8 is likely going to be released in September and will steal most of iPhones thunder.

    Well…maybe not most.

    • metoo

      I’m not sure the two guys anticipating WP8 are going to make much of a difference 😉

  • EAK47

    iPhone 5?! What’s that?

    Oh!! You mean the same design we see for now 3 years…. Yeah yeah… The iPhone 4 with a bigger screen? Is that the iPhone we’re talking about??

    How revolutionnary!!

    • Joey

      Yes, well except that it’ll be unibody machined from a 7.6mm thin block of steel. Unlike the plastic junk Samsung and others manage to push out over and over.

    • Adam

      maybe they can sue Samsung because they feel compelled to stick with the same design for some stupid reason. or maybe Steve Jobs has come back to life and decreed that “It’s our job to tell the customer what they want”.

    • jPhoneUser

      @Joey : And yet we hear of more cracked iphone screens.

    • Joey

      @jPhoneUser, what a useless and baseless statement.

    • shadhu

      get with the apple-age lingo man, they call it “EVOlutionary” these days …

    • sp

      man… that Joey guy has been completely brain washed by Apple. quick someone give him something else to drink other than the Apple Kool Aid he has been drinking for the past how ever many years!!!

      defend your iPhone all you want but id rather have my SGS3 over the iPhone any day. I used to be just like you stating that iPhone > all, until i snapped out of the my drunken stupor to see that there is something better out there…

    • Brad F

      Please, EAK47, enlighten us with your decades of design experience:

      How would you improve the iPhone’s design?

  • kris

    Introducing the Iphone 4.9589817s

    never before done lte & nfc- Ifast & Ibeam

    dont forget a huge 4 inch screen

    • Julie

      If you ask your wife/girlfriend whether 4 inches is enough you wont get a yes as a response. maybe some people are happy with 4 inches, im not.

    • metoo

      @Julie that’s not what the vibration is setting. Hope you at least wipe it off before you talk on it.

  • iPhone will be amazing

    Any AWS love?

  • dave

    Piece of garb age. Can’t wait to laugh at the moms who buy this and say they have a “smart phone”. These women also say they play “video games” while spending time on Farmville.

    Studies show 99.7% of iPhone sales are by women and g ay men. Studies also show Justin Beiber sales are 99.7% women and g ay men. Coincidence? I think not.

    • Brad F

      Plus they buy all their parts from Samsung, so it’s not like they’re innovating if they’re buying from the company they say is copying them.

    • metoo

      @dave it’s unfortunate you have to make up numbers to justify your preferences. That’s sad. And you seem fixed on g ay men. Co-incidence? I think not.

  • BB King

    *Sharpens his scalpel* to prepare for the organ harvesting spree of underpaid, overexcited Americans who will sell a kidney to get the new iPhone5.

  • kingboo

    Will this work on bb10?

    • Brad F

      Yes, with Flash support, and a projection keyboard, and a holographic 3D screen.

  • hoo dat

    There are some serious concerns over at Camp Apple right now about buyer burn out. They’re starting to figure that people will eventually feel conned when they have to reinvest in a new phone every year just to get some mediocre update. There are a lot of disgruntled Apple fans out there ready to explode and they’re worried the iPhone5 launch will be a flop. They’re already making plans to take some of the sting out of it with the iPad Mini.

    • Brad F

      “They’re starting to figure that people will eventually feel conned when they have to reinvest in a new phone every year just to get some mediocre update.”

      Except most people don’t get a new phone every year. Geeks, like everyone on this website, might but most people don’t. , Most people get a new phone every 2 or 3 years when their contract is over, and some wait even longer because they don’t see the need to upgrade a phone that’s still working.

    • metoo

      hoo dat versus the Samsung model of releasing non-updates every 3 months and suckering Android buyers into buying them. If they change the colour or even just the name “it’s a brand new model”.

    • Bb

      I agree hoo dat. These guys don’t seem to understand that iphone users update more frequently then others, hence broken screens…other faults…and oooh let’s see new releases every year. Used iphone are all over the Web before and after an apple launch….do the math.

  • Proclaimer

    Is this BB10?

    • hoo dat

      This is getting kinda tired and pathetic, don’t ya think?

    • Proclaimer

      Lol, not if you’re a 21-year-old virgin living with his momma, like me, hahaha!

      What a douche. Take a sit, sonny 😉

  • Spartacus

    It looks like the exact same phone that came out in 2010, not trolling, but seriously even with the elongated screen; in the picture it looks the same to me.

    Jonny Ive is running out of ideas, its the same recycled design.

    • Adam

      they dont have any ideas because samsung slavishly copied them all. dont you know, once you have an idea you stick with it until the bitter end. its much butter to put that R&D money towards lawyers instead of developing a better and different product.

    • metoo

      Makes sense to play out a design you’ve invested a lot of money into developing. Why completely change the design every year if there is no significant benefit and if the existing design is good?

      Besides, by withholding new designs, Samsung is forced to come up with their own designs. That’s how we end up with the SIII LOL

  • GCooper

    I was an iPhone user for years, the 2g through i4. I’ve gone back to Android, iOS is just too bland now. It gets the job done, but so does a Honda Civic, been there done that, moved on to something better. I also told myself if they finally made a 4′ screen I’d go back, but not with that crappy design. The rumored designs that came out last year before the 4s were WAY WAY nicer. If this is what we see this year, I’ll pass and stick with my s2. The s3 is nice, but too big of a phone IMHO.

    • Tomatoes

      I was disappointed the S3 had a 4.8 inch screen too but it’s hard to explain. It somehow feels smaller than the GS2. They really did a great job on making a large phone feel small. Unlike everyone else.

  • GCooper


    RIM did that for years, where has that gotten them?

  • ttt

    Same design because it’s rock solid. I’m all for the 4″ screen = a usable phone with one hand. It’s too bad that most companies seem to listen to kiddies that want to have a pad in their hand, rather than a phone. Then you all cry “my battery life is so short” when you have a 7″ LCD.

    I prefer Android for 2 simple facts.

    1.IOS is not customizable enough (widgets, etc). Where as Android IS.
    2.You can’t unlock an iPhone unless you break contract, or pay $1000000 for an unlocked phone, or after 3 years when your contract is done and it’s old technology.

    Other than that, I find iOS is rock solid, for the obvious reasons that Android isn’t; because it’s locked down. Also iPhone (at least 4S) has awesome battery life compared to pretty much any Android phone.

    Neither will affect sales, not even the dock connector change; most people are really just sheep.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    Personally if a company can’t change the design of the product every year, they are not innovating… Just sacking you dry

    • Brad F

      Car companies usually keep the same look for a good 3-4 years before changing it. Just saying.

  • Bob Dole

    People are commenting that they’re excited for a new phone, and you guys are downvoting them? What’s the reason behind this?

    Different people like different things. Some people like iPhones, some like Android phones.

    Come on guys, be civil.

  • HO

    iSheep, Ready, Go!

  • Turbofour

    Who cares about IPhones. Sick of Apple fanboys. Have fun waiting in line for hours on end.

  • MB

    Wow great Samsung screens on those phones… 😉

    • nick

      @MB the screens are from Sharp on the new iPhone now aren’t they?