New iPhone preorders expected for September 12th, Canada should be among initial release countries on September 21st (Rumour)

Information obtained by iMore have coroborated what many pundits are expecting: the new iPhone, née iPhone 5, will be announced on September 12th with pre-orders going live that same day. Release date will come nine days later, September 21st, and Canada should be among the first countries to receive the new device.

Canada used to be among the second wave of countries, which is expected for early October, but in the last year, with the iPhone 4S and new iPad, our fair country has joined the United States, Japan, Germany, France, England and a small group of others in the launch-day excitement.

As parts continue to leak out, many of which we haven’t covered due to lack of credibility among the sources, a larger picture of the new iPhone can  be drawn. We’re looking at a taller, thinner handset that looks similar to the current iPhone 4S. The LTE-enabled device, however, will have a 8- or 9-pin dock that may be insertable in either direction; this new dock connector will come to all future Apple iProducts in the coming months including but not limited to the iPod Touch and nano, the new iPad (refresh) and the iPad mini.

Source: iMore