Flipboard for Android updated with in-app hints and performance improvements


  • sickpuppy

    Prefer Flipboard than Google Current

  • ruddias

    I heard they revoked tablet support on this app. That’s a shame if it looked half as good as the iPad version.

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Nice update. Saw it running on someone’s Galaxy S3. Seems to not run as smoothly as flip board does on my Iphone. Also looks much better on retina display. Still decent nonetheless. Almost there android!


    • Denver Smith

      Strangely enough I found that it runs smoother on my Telus Galaxy S2X, running 4.0.3 stock than it does on any Galaxy S3… strange…

  • Mar

    I wish they’d 86 that longpress popup share menu. I scroll as I read and it’s forever blocking my text and irritating me. Put it in the threedot dropdown where a share menu belongs. Otherwise Flipboard *rules*. I have it on both my Amaze(Ruby) and my Nex7 tablet.

  • Richards

    Can someone give a bit more detail in regards to the update and how it affects google reader? I have a ton of google reader feeds and neither of the apps flipboard or current were to my liking, I just keep reverting back.

    • Richards

      Edit: Best way to know is to test, reinstalled, giving it a whirl again =D

  • daveloft

    Flipboard on the phone slows me down compared to other news readers. Half the time the title doesn’t fit in the room provided, so I have to click on the article just to see what its about.

    On the Nexus 7 its an awful experience, especially when viewing the article where text and icons are massive.

    I’m using Reader HD and its speed and customizability easily make it my favorite reader. I keep trying Flipboard every time it updates but its just visual and not functional enough. Maybe it will get there eventually.

  • daveloft

    Google reader works great with Google reader, even letting you add and remove feeds.

  • daveloft

    Sorry that should say Reader HD works great with Google Reader.

  • nelly h

    Runs amazingly fast and fluid with HTC amaze.

  • iambetts

    I have flipboard running on my Galaxy Tab from back when the beta APK was released months ago. Now, It always tells me that it is not supported for the tablet… luckilly I can just hit the ‘X’ and continue using it. Love it just as much on the tablet as I do on my SIIx.

    Great App.

  • ActivesiN

    I use flipboard on my galaxy nexus and its awesome, but pulse news on my nexus 7 because flipboard just doesnt look good on it

  • Tony

    Flipboard on Android is what all of Windows Phone looks like only Windows Phone is even prettier.

  • Edward

    After the update, some of my feeds are no longer stretched to full screen when the photo is taken horizontally. It bugs me a little because it doesn’t use up the entire screen! Tons of white screen. This is especially apparent in my Tumblr feed.