New Nova Launcher beta renews competition in Android 4.0+ launcher space


  • kris

    are these highly customizable launchers available for BB10?

    my ipod nano running BB10 should be able to run this no problem

    • joe

      If you got an ipod to run bb10, while using an android custom launcher you should sell your secrets online, if not then you need to go die in a hole with duct tape over your mouth so no person may hear the s**t that falls out of your mouth

    • kris


      i reverse engineered my playstation with a toaster to play xbox games. im an expert at BB10

    • joe

      Gutting a playstation and putting inside a toaster does not mean you reversed engineered it… secondly it does not qualify you as a bb10 expert, also if your such an expert why did you ask that question in the first place?

      on another note if you need me to I will buy the duct tape…

  • golauncherallday

    Golauncerpro a l l d ay.

  • Alex

    I use apex although this beta seems better than apex beta …..I paid for apex so I will wait until update. Both so similar

  • S2556

    just downloaded it and so far so good. Bye bye touchwiz 😀
    I am going to buy the pro version later i think

  • JJ

    ^touchwiz is a UI, and nova is a launcher, these are two different things, i dont know what you’re talking about

    i personally use nova as my launcher and touchwiz on my main ROM, i cant seem to live without that slide right/left to call/msg thing that samsung implemented on touchwiz haha