HTC One X update makes virtual menu button optional, coming to Rogers and TELUS versions soon

The AT&T HTC One X was recently updated to Android 4.0.4 and, among the various stability and performance improvements, the manufacturer added a much-requested option. When the device launched earlier this year, the right-most capacitive button activated the multitasking menu, emulating the Galaxy Nexus and other Ice Cream Sandwich-native devices. However, because of the permanence of those capacitive touch buttons, HTC had no choice but to add a virtual menu button to any apps that did not explicitly activate the new three-dot system we see in most first-party Google apps.

In the latest update, which brings the One X to version 2.23, an option was added to allow the multitasking button to work as a menu button, removing the need for the virtual version. There are now three options for the right-most capacitive button: keep it as a “recent apps” button, make it activate the menu button and hold it down for recent apps, or make it activate the recent apps button and hold down for menu. The latter two remove the virtual button altogether.

This update, HTC claims, will be arriving for all One X and One S devices over the coming months, regardless of carrier or country. This means that the Rogers and TELUS One X, as well as the various One S models floating around Canadian carriers, will gain this option in addition to some excellent performance and stability improvements that come along with Android 4.0.4.

Happy about this change, HTC One owners?

Source: Anandtech