WIND and Mobilicity Back-to-School promo plans leak online


  • Thomson

    Didn’t take long for them to nickel and dime features like voicemail.

    • skullan

      From what I remember, they have always had voicemail as an extra from their regular plans.

    • Jon

      $8 is more than just nickels and dimes. It’s robbery considering it’s more expensive than other carrier pricing. It’s not even Visual Voice Mail.

  • Ryan

    does anyone know if mobilicity still has that issue where incoming texts cut off from bellus users?! and what are their download speeds like?

    • iamkennypowers

      been with mobilicity for over a year and have never had or seen anyone with that problem and as for data i get 2.8 mbps and with wind i got about the same but with wind i would watch 2 movies than i got 0.05mbps.

  • Radar

    I think as expected – Mobi is cheaper, because of their very limited network coverage area. Second – you you need to buy the phone for the full price at Mobi.

  • wiley

    My co-worker got the Holiday Miracle plan Dec 2011 for her daughter (on my advice) and they love it. She never leaves the area, and is steadily on the phone texting/calling/Facebook/Tumblr etc… The parent is so glad that she is never complaining about additional fees or charges. For a student these plans work.

    • Big Ang

      Not just students, these plans work for almost everyone that lives in the coverage area.

  • jensen

    I’ve been with Mobilicity for over a year a half already. I live in the downtown core and travel to Scarborough. I’ve noticed that signal has improved and dead zones are no longer an issue. I have a galaxy nexus with Jelly bean and the latest radio. Data download has been consistent.

    I cant speak about Wing

  • Jon

    WIND’s plans are better only because they actually cover most of the Ontario schools. If you are going to UWO, Queens, Brock, Waterloo, WL, and the others outside of Toronto and Ottawa this Sept, your only choice is WIND, Mobilicity doesn’t cover any of those areas.

  • Jack

    Are these plans for new activations only? Cause I’d love to take advantage of one of these plans.

  • jack

    sweet, looks like august is going to suck just as much as july did working at fido

    $100 bucks says fido does not compete with this back to school plan, just like they didnt do anything against the $60 plans out right now

  • Radar

    the RedFlag document is also showing the Free Voicemail from Wind.

    • Big Ang


  • All I do is Wind

    I can’t wait to see the next quarterly numbers, especially with all the crazy promos from Mobilicity and all the other carriers, competition has been alive in the last couple of months.

  • TJ

    Great deal . I hope more of the Big 3 customers take advantage of this and go with Wind or Mobi.

  • otter

    FYI: Mobilicity’s voicemail is only 5 dollars on the $25, or included in every plan over $25 for free….

  • Vineet

    I have been using Mobilicity for last 2 years and their network has been improved drastically.No dead zones, stronger signals, good data speed. If you live in GTA Mobi is cell carrier to look for and not to forget their expansion plans to Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Ajax and Pickering by the end of this year.
    $35 + Tax is not a bad deal at all.
    Hope this deal is not only for new customers but also for loyal customers like me.

    • Radar

      No dead zones? Are you sure you have the Mobilicity SIM in your phone? 🙂

  • Ron Mexico

    If you like fast data neither of these companies are any good. And neither will be able to buy enough 700 spectrum to launch LTE. If you are happy with HSPA for life sign up with them.

  • Alex Long

    considering their bad coverages and receiptions, I ‘ll pass.
    if I need pay at least $10 extra each month for accidentally out of their zone, why not just pay almost the same (30+10=40 vs $45) but much better coverage and reception on big 3. especially I need Data a lot , and don’t need “unlimited call” at all.

  • zzZZzz

    @Alex Long, and which big three gives you unlimited data for $45? (technically none does, but I’ll consider 6Gb unlimited in this case) Yeap – no big three does. They all start at $60. And no, ancient plans or retentions plans don’t count in this argument.

    Furthermore, on August 9th when these plans come out, the current 6gb ones will end and the new ones will be pretty bad data wise.

  • winduser

    @ Ron Mexico, getting 3 to 5 mbps on most smartphones on HSPA is more than good enough and not having to worry about overages is great. Hopefully speeds will improve with Mobi upgrade.

    As someone said on howardforums, if you have the odd basement where you don’t have coverage. Get a Mobi $ 25 or Wind $ 29 plan and use wifi indoors and get a prepaid $ 25 chatr plan that you can call forward too. Still cheaper than going on
    a $ 60 plan with couple hundred daytime minutes and paying for CID and huge data overages

    These $ 25 and $ 29 plans are great value for Money – In Canada at least.

    • jack

      sorry, but you must have meant

      “These $ 25 and $ 29 plans are great value for Money – In cities that mobilicity/wind actually works in at least.”

      cause they definitely do not work all over canada.

  • EvanKr

    Please hurry up and set up shop in Winnipeg, WIND, as a student this would be an excellent plan!

  • Aiden

    On a 3 Year with bell at average 60 dollars a month = $2160
    On 3 Years with Mobi at 25 dollars a month = $900

    Unless you guys are business people who depend on your phone work through Canada and can’t afford to lose signal here and there. Go with mobi.

  • rikin

    I will switch to Mobilicity’s $35 plan on August 9th. My friend’s been using their plan at “50% off deal” for the past 8 months and never had any issues. I also will get my wife to switch from Wind’s HM to Mobi’s $35 plan.

  • MA

    I’ve been a Mobilicity customer for ~15 months and have to say: Even a 6 GB data limit is ridiculously small if you can actually use your device without fear of going over on limits. Where are the 10 GB & 20 GB data plans, even if pricy?

    I still remember trying to get 6 GB for $30 from the Telus retention team before my last contract there four years back – “You only use 350 MB a month, what do you need a higher limit for?” Well, no kidding I use less than my limit when the alternative is a bill for hundreds of dollars.

  • David

    Woah what competitive prices! I’m glad that Wind decided to make their plan life long, instead of just one year. I’m currently on the BTS $25 plan with mobilicity from last year, I hope I can switch to the new $25 BTS to get the province wide calling!!

    • Rod

      Yeah.. I have been using mobilicity for a year now and overall it’s quite good. Still a few spot of dead zone in Vancouver and wish they would expand like Wind Mobile. Both companies let you switch plans….but Wind said they will charge $25 for admin fee….Mobilicity is nothing.. I just called and change..and they even pro-rate the call feature add-on that I’ve been paying extra with the old BTS plan.

      I wonder how long they’ll have this promo for as I still have a few mths left on my Telus contract 🙁

  • asdfg

    is the wind 29 the same as their other one? the thing where it’s only 1 year and the second and third its 45?

  • David Who

    Koodo, i where are YOU??

  • chan lee

    do you guys think its worth joining wind? i’m on a 3 year contract coming to my first year ending in september and i was thinking of joining wind but if i do the canceling fees would be high. currently im paying $59 for unlimited calling caller id and 500mb of data.

  • Infinite Loop

    Of course if you have to choose between the carriers consult sources like loxcel and coveragemapper (2nd one’s more outdated though) and make informed choices so you know what you’re getting. I would pick Mobi over wind just because it’s cheaper and offers lifetime pricing, and if the network works for you there’s no reason to choose other carriers really. If not then definitely go for wind. As long as people are getting off of Big 3 networks!

  • Infinite Loop

    Sorry, just noticed that wind is for life as well. Also to reply to Job, Mobi’s voicemail is $5 now too.

  • chall2k5

    the Wind Plan is live….i saw an ad in this morning’s Ottawa Sun

  • Sofa

    Just called Wind CSR and they told me that the 29$ plan is only for 1 year 🙁

    • Nexxzen

      It’s for life.

  • GTP20

    I guess this isn’t starting today? No mention of it on their website…

  • tJ

    Is this only for new customers or can existing Wind customers switch to this ? I am guessing not.

    • Mike

      Yes, current customers from Mobilicity can switch to this. This is a really sweet deal. I just switched to the $35 promotion plan today.

    • Nexxzen

      $25 switch fee.

  • jay

    Happy with my Wind hmp

  • kam

    is wing just a more expensive version of mobi which following Fido ‘s guidelines????!!!!