Google firms up Play Store developer policies, promises to police spammy and malicious apps


  • haxor99

    This is great, some apps go way too far on the ads and other stuff.

  • CBR

    This is only 3 years too late.

  • yukilis jr

    is bb10 supported on this?

  • maples


  • Tom

    Rules are great, so long as they don’t lead to Apple style (e.g. anti-competitive) abuse.

    Google has never been one to shut down competition, but in their case the danger is that they would be that they would start pulling apps that their carrier partners don’t like (as opposed to one’s that actually break the rules).

    Abuse of the rules by Apple, Google, or who-ever is much less likely is they have to state the reason every time they pull an app – identifying the rule that has been broken.

  • mattprime86

    Google will NEVER pull apps that carriers don’t like. Ever. They won’t even take down videos that police agency ask them to.


  • Hannah

    These changes will improve the Android user experience and will benefit the ecosystem.

    It also means developers might have to re-evaluate their monetization strategies, as effectiveness of some current approaches could decline as they adapt to become compliant. I think we’ll see more paid and in-app purchase models, as well as some new ideas – such as AppKey, a new monetization option that is compliant with these changes, currently in beta and looking for developer partners to help test it out… Hannah / AppKey

  • Wilson

    They must get rid of Smule. All of their apps SPAM me with notifications.

    Songify and Autorap is adware.