Path 2.5 for Android and iOS add movies and books, improve camera experience, reminds you to use the app

There’s nothing more insidious than an app reminding you to come back. Path is one of those apps that, for me, was heavily used at the beginning for cross-posting: Facebook, Foursquare, etc. But lately I haven’t touched it, largely because most of my friends don’t use it anymore either. It’s a chicken and egg thing.

Dave Morin, the founder of Path, knows this to be the case, so in the latest build his team introduced a ‘nudge’ feature that allows users to, well, poke their friends. Remember that from Facebook? Except this time nudges come in the form of push notifications. Oh, joy.

Other improvements to Path in version 2.5 are a bit more tangible. You now have the ability to add books and movies, sources from iBooks and Rotten Tomatoes respectively. You’ve always had the ability to post what music you’re listening to, and this takes the personalization features a bit further.

The camera interface, on both iOS and Android (but especially the former) has been improved — quickened significantly — with Morin saying it is the “most instant of the instant cameras.” Photos can now be automatically taken in 1:1 square mode, and there are new editing features such as Glo, Depth, Zoom and Crop.

If you’re into Path, check out the update for Android and iOS.

via: TheNextWeb