First Windows Phone 8 benchmarks confirm what we suspect: it will be faster


  • lukeiphone

    I’m looking forward to windows 8, more than bb10

  • Max

    Windows Phone 8 will be a serious contender! Can’t wait to switch over to a new high-end Nokia WP8 phone and leave behind my boring iPhone 🙂

  • Amanda

    Yet you will be stock with having to use Internet explorer as a web browser. That browser never runs decently no matter how many cores you through behind it. Can’t choose my own default browser, will not buy.

    • astudent

      I never had any problems. Smoother than some of the android browsers I used 🙂

  • Claudiu

    I am sure Opera will come out with a WP8 version. Opera Turbo is the best for saving data.

  • Dalex

    Let’s hope WP8 is that elusive 3rd main competitor. A duopoly of Android/IOS is going to stagnate innovation and hurt the consumer. WP8 and also BB10 need to get the ball rolling.

  • JLP

    This needs some browser benchmarks, though. SunSpider ?

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Not bad Microsoft.

    However, on the same benchmark, our new Iphone 5 is currently hitting 215.

    Still behind us as usual eh?

    Hehehe 😉

    • Crocography

      Yes Apple Sales Guy, the iPhone will need to hit 215 because Apple will need the first 200 alone to run the OS.

    • Harley

      Haha, yeah but its too bad the Titan that scored 97 is still faster than the iPhone 4S on a daily usage. ;P

    • fred

      The end of the first paragraph plainly states…. “but let us make no mistake: that differential should, and likely will be, a lot higher come launch day.”

      Damn Apple boy, learn to read the whole article before trying to be smarmy.

  • Anthony

    screw you NUTTYR|CH.C0M. F*#@ robot

  • Rupin

    Who told windows phone is slower than iPhone?.. Just compare and see.

  • Brandon

    As much as I like Android, I am absolutely looking forward to dropping it for WP8. I am so sick of the piece-meal upgrades that android has.