Bell to release the Motorola RAZR V August 2nd


  • Sean

    Pretty decent price for what you are getting. I can see this being a popular device among people.

  • jack

    kevlar, just in case someone tries to shoot my phone

    • John

      Hey, in toronto you never know !

  • Josh

    A unlocked version of this would make a great idea for a contest for those of us locked in a contract with a crappy phone. *caugh xt720 *caugh

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Telus is a premiere Canadian carrier that we enjoy working with. They cater to all types of consumers with their wide variety selection of phones. This phone would be for the misguided shoppers category and for people who don’t like making smart purchases.

    The Iphone 4/4s would be a much better alternative

    • jack

      but its Bell that’s releasing it. seems really easy to get a job at apple, just say a bunch of retarded s**t.

  • Andrew

    Virgin will be getting this, Motorola rep told me.

    • Sean

      ” …variety of carriers, such as Bell, Videotron, Virgin and WIND Mobile.”

  • jason

    Anyone know if it will have video output? Won’t buy on bell but maybe on wind if I can play my movies off it

  • Sub-Joker

    which processor is motorola using for this phone??
    also, how is this different form the RAZR XT910?? beside the memory size difference and of course the ICS OS, and the use of LCD rather than AMOLED???

    I don’t understand the reason behind releasing this phone as it seems to be very similar to the RAZR XT910!!!

    • belw

      the RAZR is Moto’s current flagship android phone, but it’s been on the market for 9 months. They’re probably going to release a new flagship, but rather than discontinue the existing model, they’re keeping it in the product lineup but trimming it’s cost.

  • Sir

    Haha, clearly the apple sales guy was being sarcastic, no one in their right mind would actually suggest that the iPhone is a better alternative.