Rumour: Nokia could get one-month September exclusive on Windows Phone 8, debuting for everyone else in November


  • astudent


  • Sean

    I could see this happen as Nokia is the major WP player but it would piss off other makers such as HTC, Samsung and Huawei who also make Windows phones

  • Phone911

    “Microsoft will launch an all-out attack on the mobile space…” and the result will be the same failure to capture any market share in mobile.
    Before WP fanboys start marking me down, just wanted to say that WP is not a bad OS, personally don’t like Fisher Price look and feel but it’s an OK OS, bit late catching to established competitors in some features but getting there.
    Unfortunatelly for Microsoft and Nokia, WP is not much better than competion or much cheaper that competition so it’s won’t overtake the competition.

    • Theywillbepissed

      Watch out everybody, we got ourselves a Genius over here! ^

  • Siddhardha S

    Finally Nokia gets a small chance to reduce the losses because of revolutionary Android phones

  • Alex

    Well now, a month lead to sell phones with no market traction.
    Wouldn’t that just hold back potential sales?

  • Alpha

    I don’t care about the OS, they all have the same copies of the same shovelware apps anyways.

    I just want a Pureview camera. Give me an 808 running ANY OS.

    • EvanK

      They have one already, it’s called Symbian 😉

  • Alpha

    Oh, and give me a device in cyan, red or even magenta. I want to stand out from the millions of boring black or white rectangles.

  • Zorbsie

    Funny that they would start selling them in September. Windows 8 won’t be in market until October 23. But seeing as my contract with my focus is up the sooner they bring out a WP8 phone the better.

  • gwydionjhr

    If this is true, it certainly explains the signage outside their store in Helsinki. Great news too!

  • Bug

    wont make any big difference. oct is not the peak month for mobile phone activations. how eve it will give them one month to test the product with early adopters.

  • andy c

    i can see this happening. Nokia’s existing lumia customers are already getting screwed with windows phone 7.8 instead of 8.

    Samsung and HTC are making most of there money off of android so ths probably does not affect them as much.

  • Nick

    Yes, WP8 and BB10 will have much catching up to do, but for consumers this is very exciting in terms of future product improvements. I love my Android and the other OS companies know this, so they are forced to get creative or they will simply lose money.

  • hoo dat

    I used to love Nokia hardware, it was solid and had a comfortable heft to it, relaible too. The current range of phones feel cheap, plasticy and too lightweight giving an overall impression of a lakc of substance. The 710 I used in Europe for 4 weeks just recently creaked and groaned so much I’m convinced it was reincarnated from my mother in law! Even when holding it up to my ear to call, the noise from the body of the phone was often a distraction.

    Nokia’s gamble on going low(er) end has not been a success, at least in my eyes, and can be confirmed by the very apparent lack of sales and plunging income per unit. A new OS, no matter how good, isn’t going to pull these guys out of the mire unless the shell containing it can stand up to every day use.

  • Keith

    Sheesh Daniel, that is a pretty dumb headline. There are lots of rumors about Windows Phone 8 is going to released so why on earth you decided to take the November rumour as truth is beyond me. There is no way Nokia is going to get an exclusive period–they also won’t need one as they have 80% of the WP market as it is and their WP8 phones will even be far more compelling with the ranges of options, PureView and exclusive apps.

    I also don’t believe the November rumour–it will be October at the latest with outside change of September.

  • paul

    “The current range of phones feel cheap, plasticy and too lightweight”. The Lumia 800 and 900 are not cheap or lightweight feeling. I actually wish the 800 were just a little lighter. It feels solid and as though it were a quality product, but I feel that a mobile phone is more portable when it weighs less in your pocket.

  • Jesse

    Good thing I just picked up a Lumia 800 lol.