Virgin and Bell roll out new 6GB $60/month plan


  • bob

    rogers plan just got rocked

    • Protected

      Can the big 3 be any more transparent with their plan to INCREASE THE ARPU from the last $50 -$60 /per month??

      Last year they were offering 6GB for $30 and now is 6/60??

      What a Joke!
      Where is the competition?? one releases one plan and the other two match it, and “just happens” to be $60 ( The ARPU the big three are going after??)

      What about a 3,4,6 GB DATA ONLY plan for $40 or less, you get your SKYPE $2/month to call out any phone in CAD or US an use DELL voice to get your virtual number for incoming calls and you are all set for $42 or less!
      that’s $12 less per month or $144 per year!

    • anonymous

      No VM & CID = No Deal!

    • Justin

      How could you compare the $30 for 6GB to this plan? The $30 for 6GB that was offered last year was an add-on to a voice plan, whereas this also gives you 200 weekday mins, unlimited evenings and weekend, MY10, and messaging. I dont recall anytime you could get all of those features in a voice plan for $30 (which would bring the total to $60). Also the $30 for $6GB is still available at Roegrs today, at least to business customers, not sure about non-business customers.

  • Informer

    When will bell come out with a similar plan?

  • Informer

    Never mind above comment, bell has it too. But voicemail and cid is extra.

    • Lazed

      I don’t think Bell is too generous, but Virgin will give their members free CID/VM if they call the solutions department right after signing up.

  • slimmy

    See this is what competition is about, not MATCHING plans but beating them in terms of price or features.

  • ElikoBro

    Is that 6GB of LTE? (where avail. of course).

    • Kevkill

      It is 🙂

    • KyleD

      Yes it is. I just switched to it on my S3 and LTE data is coming down.

  • Drew

    Can’t wait for TELUS to launch their “response” .. it’ll have Caller ID and Voicemail Included!!!!!


    • vn33

      It’s already available … just ask for Promo65 and a $5 discount.

    • S2556

      Promo65 doesn’t come with 6GB tho! that’s the whole reason this offer is awesome. I will be picking this plan up for at least 2 of my lines when telus matches it (hopefully tomorrow)
      these bell plans are offered to their month to month customers correct?

  • Tom

    Is this available to subscribers who are already with the carrier (but not locked in anymore)?

    Often the best deals only seem to be available to switchers.

    Also, is this a good deal?

    • Kevkill

      I am a current subscriber and had no issue switching to this promo today.

    • Sophia

      I’ma current suscriber and also switched today as well. No problems either.

  • Dan

    … why are we still on 2007 data prices? Offer us 60gb for $30.

  • Migzy

    Bell has come out with a similar plan at least for BC, their promo page was updated sometime earlier today. It matches Rogers plus also includes Unlimited Incoming Calls in home calling area for 3 year contracts.

    Virgin’s plan is better in some ways to Rogers such as 5pm evenings vs 6pm, 300 mins versus 200 and unlimited incoming, but Rogers plan has Fave 10, whereas Virgin’s plan appears not to.

  • Joe

    My whole telus plan has the same data for only $50.

    • ToniCipriani

      If yours is a retention plan then you’re retarded.

    • bob

      well said toni. i****s trying to compare a retentions plan vs a normal plan lol

    • Joe

      Signed a 3 year contract in November, no retention plan.

    • bob

      mind linking your plan on telus’s website then? since its not retention, it should be available for everyone.

    • Alessandra

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  • tony

    I wished Virgin match the 200 min and included cd and vm instead.

  • Vinny

    So still no CD and VM…Yawn…

    • Reno Godin

      I just checked with Bell and Caller Id is included but no Voice Mail.

    • ToniCipriani

      Where did you see that?

      I don’t see CID included in neither website.

  • singh

    I like when some company kick ROGERS & FIDO ASS HARD…..gr8 well done virgin….n bell….

    • Stefanie

      What a stupid comment. To say the Virgin plan is better is accurate but the Bell plan is identical to the Rogers plan so no a*s kicking there.

  • Justin

    I was previously on the $35 Fab 10 plus 6GB of data for $30 =$65, just called bell and switched over, saves me $5 so winning!, I am still not sure why plans don’t just include VM and CID, luckily I was able to get the promo awhile back and get it for $5, but still should be included, we are in 2012 now, come on

    • bob

      cause if ppl are willing to pay extra for CID/VM, you think greedy telecommunication companys are gonna say no?

  • 5Gs

    LMFAO!!!Here i am paying $45.20 a month at Wind mobile using Samsung galaxy III with unlimited every thing.. Did i just say unlimited.. Yes and that include global texting, CID, voicemail, Unlimited 24/7, unlimited north america calling…

    People still falling for BIG 3 traps.. SMH

    • 2DFX

      Sweet. Have fun with the Rogers 2g Edge network Roaming charges when you travel outside your 50km GTA Zone 😀

    • AJ

      Wind charges $8/m for the VM. So what gives?

    • Lenny

      Lets not forget there bad customer service, constant roaming fees when you’re in your home zone and patchy service WITHIN THE GTA. Yes wind is the best.

    • Bad Apple

      I don’t travel 50km away from GTA. And even if I did Wind says “Home”. And if you asked what happens when I’m in “Away” – simple – data is Off. Yeah, I know, I don’t have a life. However, places I go there is a wireless network. Don’t have to use one minute on roaming. VOIP is great. Google has free calling across NA. And Dell Voice is free across CA.
      And if you go into wilderness, then WTF you need data for? Emergency call is enough.Keep GPS in your pocket and you are set.
      Bad Apple

    • Eric

      If you like Shitty signal and slow internet sure go for wind mobile lol.

      You know unlimited crap not very good.

      At least go to Koodo they got a strong network.

  • ToniCipriani

    I’ll just wait until Koodo matches then port over from Bell… Koodo throws in CID.

  • BabaBooey

    To the dumb folk who don’t understand. Yes, last year 6Gb of data was offered for 30 dollars but that was only data. You had to pay about 40-50 dollars for minutes as well as texting, voicemail, My10, etc. This plan offers minutes, data and more for 60. I know that math class was hard for some of you and a lot of you like to complain no matter the news, but these plans from Bellus and Rogers aren’ that bad. A few months ago I was still paying almost 100 dollars a month for 2GB of data and everything.

  • ag

    So excited!

  • Al

    I look forward to a response from TELUS! People can complain all they want that this is not “good enough”, but the truth is however gradually the plans are improving over time. Why not be happy? It is only going to improve from here.

  • Dan

    Wow… non retentions or corporate plans are so terrible in this country its laughable. Things like CiD and VM not being included in this already overpriced plan is ridiculous (how much does CiD and VM cost a carrier again?). Wasn’t there a study recently showing the markup in data cost vs customer price was like 15000%?

    Thank god I work for a company that provides me all this plan does (except with even more minutes) + CiD/VM for 10$ cheaper lol.

    • bob

      im sure your mom is proud that you have a corporate plan.

    • Dan

      Ummm? She probably is since I got her a similar plan, but uhh thanks for your concern?

    • bob

      i know she does, she told me about it the other night

  • rikin

    Mobilicity offers much more than this at $30/month.

  • Kevkill

    Glad I saw this post. I signed up with this plan the day the S3 launched but the data was only 1GB. I just called and had no issues getting the 6GB promo. That is more than enough data for me currently.

  • General Zod

    It’s too bad the plan doesn’t have the FAV10. I find having a FAV10 pretty much cuts out all my long distance charges. And its great to call home whenever I’m away.

    I’m on a $55 plan with virgin. 200 minutes, 6pm evenings/weekends, 1gb data, fav10, unlimited texts, complimentry voicemail/cid (as a previous poster mentioned all you have to do is call and ask after you buy a phone with them).

    I’d love to get the extra 5 gigs data, but I’d have a much bigger phone bill increase if I started paying LD charges. If they had the FAV10 in there and took out 100 minutes I’d probably be on the phone with Virgin right now and they’d be getting an extra $5/month.

    • Steve

      It does have the Fab 10 with it.

    • Zod

      I don’t think the Virgin plan has the FAV 10? Just the Bell & Rogers plans.

  • Steve

    If you bring your own device or buy outright and go on a 30 day term, Bell will also give you 10% off the plan, making it $54/month for the same stuff. Standard offer, not a retention thing.

  • KyleD

    Just switched to the new Fab 10 w/ 6G of LTE…. instead of having to swap to Rogers for the same plan, and I kept my extra retention goodies (full messege center and CD for $1). Did an LTE speedtest against my buddies S3 on Rogers LTE (same server) and the Bell network beat his rogers up and down by 1M each way). I know it will vary by location, but solid numbers for sure.

  • Alex

    curiouse about the date Aug 8th, just interesting why that day.
    after all, it is not too bad deal for big 3. and they got much better coverage thn wind though.

  • superfly

    @5g……so Wind is so great eh…..leave the city and make calls, then when you get your overage charges in the hundreds, you will see why the big three are not going anywhere.

    • TorontoAndy

      Even with a little bit of roaming, which does happen, I can guarantee you that my monthly bill is still much smaller than yours, and I get unlimited minutes, texts, and 5GB of data, comapred to your restricted jail-term plan.

      Which Rogers dealer are you mopping the floors for?

  • Cell Hell

    $30 a month for everything from Mobilicity including some roaming. Why is anyone still paying these stupidly high fees?

  • Gen

    So I called Bell to switch my plan (I had the old Fab10 with 1Gb of data) and he tells me thats its an error, and it will be removed from the website soon…WTF!! (but he gave me the plan anyway)

  • superfly

    @bad Apple… you are defending yourself because you are on Wind……. Sounds to me like you are using to convince yourself and others that you don’t need your cellphone when you leave the city……um..ya…

  • superfly


  • superfly

    @cell hell……because unlike your sad excuse for one….other people have lives outside the city……booyaa!

  • Informer

    I had fab 10 200min $35 + 6GB $30 + vm/cid $5. Total $70.
    I switched to this new $60 plan but lost the $5 vm/cid. Had to get $7 vm/cid instead. New total $67. Barely worth saving $3/month.

  • Bob

    Hey guys i just switched from my fab 35 with 6gbs of data to this and i also got the 10 percent discount which works out to 54 dollars a month i think its a pretty killer deal for an off contract plan

    • ToniCipriani

      They still offer the 10% discount? I thought it ended a long time ago…

  • Andrew

    What carrier is offering this:
    Unlimited Incoming
    Unlimited SMS MMS
    300 Voice or more
    Night Weekends
    No Roaming/LD
    6GB of Data

    For around 60?

  • Albert

    I moved to the US recently and I wish I could find a plan close to that down here. Let alone a decent piece of hardware on any network other than AT&T. I’m no way championing the giant Telco’s in Canada, but I certainly wouldn’t complain.

  • Hammam

    Telus told me they are coming out with a response in a day or two, 60$ 6GB.

    For those that are showing off their retention or wind/mobilicity plans good for you. As for us new customers in Quebec, we can’t get retention and we don’t have access to the new entrants, so this is a good entry deal for us.

    • Matt

      That’s the same response my telus rep gave me when I mentioned bell/virgin/rogers plan to him on monday, Currently running a Discount epp plan 450 mins, 3GB data and various other junk but i can’t remember the last time I actually used more then 100 minutes and rather just have the 6GB’s.

  • Del[C]

    Just called Bell and they switched me from Fab10 1GB 60$ to Fab 10 6GB 60$ !! Yes!!! 🙂

  • chris

    I just switches to this…. current bell subscriber, they had no issues…

    Ya sure we could pay less for a plan somewhere else but have no complaints with my service and now happy for the extra 5g data

  • Dezzo

    Personally, I prefer having the 6GB data as a separate add-on, as opposed to it being bundled as part of my voice plan.

    With the 6GB being a separate feature, you can still change your voice plan without affecting your data, should a better voice plan become available in the future.

    Once it’s all bundled together, you are stuck with that bundle. Given how the 6GB option comes and goes so often, there is a good chance that if you want to chance your voice plan later (for any number of reasons) that the 6GB won’t be available at that time, and you’ll have to give it up.

    Just something to consider for those of you who have the Fab 10 $35 with the separate $30 6GB Data bundle who are calling to change to this new plan to save a few bucks.

    Granted, this won’t matter to everyone, but it’s something to be aware of.

    In my case, the Fab 10 $35 was discounted 10% to 31.50, so with the 6GB for $30 on top of that, it’s only $61.50 a month anyway, which is basically the same as this new bundle.

    Additionally, for those of you on the original Fab 10 Voice plan for $35, be aware that a few months ago Bell increased the “anytime local minutes” in that plan from 150 to 200, but didn’t automatically update existing customers with the extra 50 minutes. If you call and ask, they can change it from 150 to 200 for you and all other aspects of your plan will stay the same.

  • Dezzo

    I see someone was asking about the 10% discount option…

    I was told a few weeks ago by a supervisor in Bell Retentions that they have recently changed the way they offer discounts, credits and loyalty/retention deals.

    He said the new system is much more restrictive, and that they don’t have as many discount codes available to them anymore. So, things like the 10% discounts on various features, or the 100% discounts on features for the length of your contract will (according to him) be much harder to obtain from here on out.

    He said they would be focusing more on offering small discounts on features. So, for example, instead of getting Caller ID and Voice Mail bundle (usually $12)for free every month for the length of your contract, you may be offered it for a smaller price, such as $8 a month or something instead.

    Who knows if all this is true… but he *seemed* to know what he was talking about… but it’s Bell, afterall.

    In any event, if what he says is all true, it seems like they are aiming to become less generous with the loyalty/retention deals from here on out which isn’t a good thing.

  • Jason

    hey guys im paying $59 and im with fido i get unlimited text,call,caller id and 500mb of data. i was wondering if i should stick with this plan or switch providers

  • Azzo

    Virgin mobile has the best plan here. 300 anytime mins with unlimited incoming is killer.

  • CaptainObvious

    In other news, Canadians still pay more for wireless services than most industrialized countries.

  • nrj4life

    Come on, Telus. I’m waiting here! Don’t forget the CD and VM you include in your other plans 🙂

  • Francis Thibault

    Tempted to switch, not really need but I’m at 500mb a month… wouldn’t mind 1gb or 2.

  • kungriffey

    Just waiting for Telus and Koodo…Before I decide to jump off Wind.

  • Pierre

    HAHAHAHAH SO SICK! I was already on the FAB 10 plan with bell with only 1gb of internet! I called and asked and now I have the exact same plan, same price, except I have 6GB 🙂 thank you mobilesyrup!!!

  • CDL

    Just switched and it is available to all Bell subscribers and does not impact your contract end date. Oh and also includes 10 hours of mobile TV which will be nice for the Olympics (don’t know about Virgin though). They have basic voicemail and caller I’D for $7 but you have to ask for it.


  • Matt

    Telus rep just confirmed, telus plan should be live now $65 call display, voice mail, 6GB data not sure on exact minutes as of yet.

    • Matt

      200 anytime minutes
      unlimited text picture and video messaging
      unlimited nationwide family calling
      unlimited 6pm nights and unlimited weekends
      unlimited nationwide talk and text with 10 numbers
      6GB data
      caller id id , voice mail 3, call waiting and conference calling.

  • Frank

    All I care about, is that my old fab 10 plan was $60 and included only 1GB of data, now I just upgraded to this plan and have the same features with an extra 5GB of data. Sure they’re gouging us, but I’d rather be forcibly gouged and get more data out of it for the same price. So thanks (for now) Bell. Now excuse my while I tether the hell out of my Nexus 7.

  • Frank

    I just switched today with no problem.

  • Dustin

    I had the $30 6GB promo (when iPhone 4 launched)with Talk & Text 25 +

    Free Caller ID and Voice Mail ($10 a month discount)
    5pm Calling
    International Texting

    = $65 – $10 = $55 a month…

    now I thought that was a sweet deal until today..

    Called and switched to this new plan and was able to keep to my caller ID/VM promo ($10 off)

    Soo $60 a month – $10 = $50.

    + the KICK ASS extras this new plan has.

    Virgin Mobile is amazing. Soo much better than Telus who I left after 7 years on iPhone 4 launch day when they wouldn’t match the 6GB deal. Idiots.

  • Takuma

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