IM+ for Android updated with major battery improvements, new features


  • mattprime86

    Much bigger fan of ‘imo’. Its amazing and looks fantastic.

  • Art Vandelay

    Very disappointing update!! Push notification mode (exit button) was removed in the latest update. Now you need to keep the program running in the background to receive notification or log off to exit the problem.

    • Paulman

      @Art Vandelay: Actually, what I think it’s doing now is whenever you back out of the program, it automatically goes into PUSH mode to conserve battery life. You can tell it to stop putting the IM+ icon in the notification bar and effectively that would be the same thing as going “exit – push mode” all the time (which is what I would always do in the last version to get out of the program).

  • ExcessDan

    i remember trying this out when there were so few IM clients on Android a few years back. it was pretty unstable and looked like amateur hour. i’ve come to realize the only IM app that is worth a damn is gtalk and gave up trying to get MSN to work on my phone. has this program got any better?

  • Artz

    Just switched from using ebuddy to this one for my MSN needs. Cooler looking interface and it works pretty well.

  • Tony

    @Paulman, nope, it does not go into push mode. It says that it’s going into push mode but it’s not. After some time, the background process gets killed and you won’t receive anymore messages. Try force stopping eBuddy or Viber and you’ll still receive messages. But I’m sure they IM+ guys are fixing it cuz they have this feature before this recent update, if i’m not mistaken.