Koodo will now unlock your iPhone for $50


  • Bend over – it’s the Big3!

    Koodo will unlock YOUR phone for $50!

    It’s already mine! I’ve paid for it! Do you want me to pay even more?

    Only in Canada… and Canadians are getting very, very tired of this!

    • BendOver

      Apple: you Pay for the phone and the phone is yours, unlocked ..obviously!

      Telus & Koodo: pay for the phone $50-$80 more than from Apple in average, then They unlock the phone that you paid for for ONLY $50.

      1-You can unlcock the phone/any phone for $10-$20 even before you have paid for the phone

      2-This forces the question: Why should I buy the phone from this guys??

      -Solution: just buy the phone at the lowest price, and go month to month or jump from operator to operator!

      BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is the way to go!
      Virgin Samsung Galaxy S2 $350 at Futureshop, One V at $175 ($225), Galaxy Nexus directly from Google $350 (in the US only ..for now)

      Now that all operators have the same hardware just go BYOD and activate it whereve you want!

    • BendOver

      The biggest irony to this is that Koodo and Virgin are some of the best places to get new phones at the lowest prices in Canada, then you unlock them and use them with the operator of your preference!

      AS a rule the big three offer the hardware at a higher price while FIDO, Virgin Koodo, offer the same phones at a lower one.

      I had a koodo phone with a Rogers SIM card, and once I rooted the phone the phone in my rogers account went from: xxx phone model -Koodo phone; to “Unknown device”.

  • Cell Hell

    Telus is stealing from you. They lock it then they make you pay to unlock it.

    Locked phones should be illegal period.

  • Simon Does It!

    The average call to customer service costs a North American telecommunications company $8. Unlock codes are given to the comapny alongside the phones that they purchase for re-sale, and thus cost them nothing.

    So let’s see. Cost to carrier = $8. Cost to customer = $50. That’s a 625% mark-up!!

    Nice racket you’re running there, Telus (and the rest of your ilk).

    • marorun

      You guys complain a lot.
      But beside Telus and Koodo who unlock your phone?
      No one at all.
      So stop crying.
      Maybe they make money doing it sure but at least they offer thats service.

  • Rio

    Now if only Bell would start doing this :\

    If you guys are so upset about locked phone then but it outright unlocked and not subsidized.

  • Peacenik

    To all the ignorant folks who posted earlier — iPhones do not use unlock codes.

  • cbdf

    just jailbreak it

  • Jebus

    Every Canadian company does this…

  • koko

    What does “registered and hooked up to Koodo Mobile’s network” mean?. I have an iPhone running UltraSn0w that I use with Koodo, will they unlock it?

  • EAK47

    Just go and buy one at the Apple Store instead of Koodo.

    • BendOver

      For iphones: Get yout $800 phone at apple store and forget about unlocking it!

      For Android: The play store: selling hardware is active in the US, coming to Canada in November: Just buy your Androids from there, faster updates, biggest support, cheaper and best re-selling value!

      Samsung: They just opened the first store in BC, wait for more to come.

      Windows 8: MS about to open stores in Canada by the end of the year.

      The keyword is BYOD! Since operators give you $100 discount on two yr contracts, you are always better off buying the phone outright, directly from manufacturer and factory unlocked!

  • Kid.Canada

    You might as well charge us every time we turn the damn phone on. This is garbage. We already paid for the phone and it should come with unlock code in the box! not even handed to the carrier!! But of course the CRTC wont do $hit cuz they get a cut too. Where is the justice in the Canadian wireless industry!!!

    • BendOver

      The CRTC (Canadian Rogers Telus and Company) does a great job protecting the interests, defending the rights, maximizing benefits and profits of the Telcos; as it should be, hold it, wait ……WHAT?? the CRTC is suppossed to protect Canadian Cosnumers, where did you hear that??

    • idonkey

      “Where is the justice in the Canadian wireless industry!!!”

      In your dream!

  • Kid.Canada

    @Peacenik – Try getting a locked Rogers iPhone and insert a Bell sim card, see if that’ll work for u..

  • gringo

    esto es una maldita puta estafa!

  • Sean

    If you have a problem buy the devices outright from the manufacturer and commit to a thirty day term.

    A company will always maximize their profit, and with the CRTC (who is fully to blame) allowing them, why wouldn’t they? As if a corporation gives enough of a s**t to take a cut because they feel bad a client can’t afford it.

    You ALL should keep in mind that Canada is massive. Really, to afford tower upkeep across the country and to attempt to gaurantee consistent service, it’s EXPENSIVE. We also don’t have a huge population, just teetering around 34 million.. Compared to the USA, for example, who has LESS land mass to cover with their towers and approximately 305 million citizens with a majority holding some cellular device… They make a lot more money not due to ARPU, but due to the number of clients, that they can offer smaller terms and cheaper phones and still make more profit than Bell, Telus or Rogers.

    But people only realize what they want to see.

    • Pat

      On the other hand, you could compare Canada to Afghanistan. That country is also wide, and covered with mountains everywhere. In addition, each tower has to be run by a generator, and have armed guards watching over them and refilling the generators.
      However, four private companies are fighting for custumers, and all four are present in every village. Phones are sold unlocked everywhere, and sim cards and top up cards are also sold in every bazar. Free market reigns here. One company has a better rate? You just rip out the sim card, and get another one.
      All calls here are dirt cheap, incoming calls and caller ID are free, SMS are and data are also cheap.
      So cheap that most people have 2 or 3 phones. They use different sim cards to make use of the cheaper options offered by different companies.Smart indeed!

    • marorun

      Thats a simple rules of buisness.
      More buyer mean you can sell at lower price.
      Same go for plans.

      Just check in europe they got way more total population than USA and higher concentration of population and they got even cheaper deal than in the US.

      Thats life.
      What we need is big company who deal internationaly thats way they can give flat rate internationaly.

  • D Kupiec

    These guys will never get my money for unlocking because I always buy only unlocked phones.

  • joe

    Fun fact of the day the iPhone is only unlocked ONCE when purchased from the apple store. Then when you insert the first sim card it locks it to that carrier…

    • Bob

      When bought from the apple store without a contract, the iPhone does NOT lock to the carrier. I’ve tried this with two Apple store bought iPhones and both freely accepted any card I placed in them.

  • idonkey

    Simple solution: Don’t buy iphone and don’t chose Robelus and their side kick as your carrier – problems solve. This changes everything ….. again!

  • Friko

    Thank God for eBay!

  • snardos

    This is why you buy a nexus device. I bought a refurbed nexus s from koodo under my wife’s account and as soon as I walked away from the kiosk I swapped the koodo sim for my speakout sim and started using it right away. No unlock required.

  • Matt

    Friend of mine went to the Apple store, they charged him ten bucks. Just saying.

  • Krom

    Purchased my Samsung Galaxy Nexus OUTRIGHT and ditched Rogers.
    Went with Mobilicity and never looked back.

    No need to pay for unlock and no need to keep getting it from the BIG 3.
    Much happier now. Wish everyone would do that but oh well some people just like to complain but NEVER act on things.

  • Jeeverz

    Sometimes people will pay for convenience, whether it be $700 for an iPhone from the Apple Store, or an extra $50 instead of jumping thru hoops.


  • Robbrs

    Upgraded to Gnexus(from htc magic+) with rogers for 0$ in jan, paid 575$ as ECF immediately and moved to WIND got another Gnexus on tab put myself on 40$ plan and my wife on 25$ plan. now i am paying 66$(after 5$ discount) a month for both accounts. I was paying 80$ for each account with robbers !!
    total money spent 575+200 = 775$. Savings per month 94$.

  • mike

    When you buy a Wind phone, the unlock code is given to you after 90 days.

  • stevie

    WInd gives you the unlock code after 90 days because they know you can’t use it anywhere else but them and mobilicity… SO the risk of you leaving them is very slim lol

    • observer

      Wind now requires 180 days and you need to pay 10 dollars to unlock your phone. Rules have been changed.

    • TheirForumsSucked

      @stevie : Wrong if you have a pentaband phone like galaxy nexus or a sgs3 you can move to any carrier. I moved from rogers->virgin->wind .

  • snardos

    To everyone saying to switch to wind or mobilicity, remember that isn’t an option for everyone. I would gladly switch to one of them but I doubt they will be in my area for at least a couple years.

  • Jean-Francois Messier

    I have been using Koodo for almost 4 years now and I was satisfied with them. I recently bricked my Samsung Galaxy Ace and will have to get a new one soon. I will get a phone from them as those are the cheapest ones, but I will get the unlock code from somewhere else. $50 is way too much to ask for a simple code, especially given that the same code can be retrieved elsewhere for way less.

  • snardos

    This article is about unlocking an iPhone. It is completely different than unlocking any other phone and would definitely be worth $50 to avoid the frustration of software unlocks.

  • Andrew

    I would be curious to see how they unlock an iPhone 4s as there’s no method available post jailbreak to unlock it without a reserved baseband of 1.59…

  • Seriously

    If your contract is over, they really should have to give you a unlock for free. It’s your phone not theirs.

  • Nathan

    At least Koodo offers it. I called Bell two times. The first time she said that They can’t unlock iPhone.

    The second time I called, a guy told me that iPhone can’t be unlocked by any carrier and it’s not true that Telus/Koodo Rogers/Fido unlock it. (Even the apple web site say that iPhone can be unlock)

    Come on Bell, release unlock for iPhone and teach your employee.

    • Nathan

      And They say that It’s only Apple that can unlock iPhone !!

  • Toto23

    Update :
    Koodo, Rogers, Fido, Telus do it on iPhone for 50$ or more
    Bell and Virgin still not, but soon they say (told me today)
    Surprisingly Bell support advises their clients to go in an unofficial shop, how unprofessional !
    Until when the carriers will rip us off, with +60$/month voice/data plans where in France for example you get it for 20$/month, unlimited and free unlock after 6months

    • Ahmet

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  • Oxymoron

    Why am I still with Rogers? I need TELUS / unlocked iPhone for traveling !

    Same with iPhone 5?