Bell HTC One S receiving software update today, version 1.84.666.9


  • OpenTheBiFrost

    I am loosing my respect for HTC as the days go by.
    The one X takes ages to connect to wifi, and it always crashes and reboot when I enter and exit airplane mode.

    They need to get sense done right on jellybean and push it out as soon as possible.

  • OneSowner

    Hope it fixes the HORRIBLE connection problems to the network.

  • Stace

    Nothing yet for me..

  • Robert

    Just downloaded the update – hopefully it fixes the WiFi issues I’ve been having – and other nasty little issues. That’s what you get when you buy a brand new device!!!!

  • CoPWNicus

    I got the update through Telus as well and it made my battery life intense. I got off the charger at 6:40 AM and it’s 2P now with 87 percent life.

  • Jaylean

    I just got my update this morning, i havent been having wifi issues like others then again i have a very large data plan so i seldom use it however, I have really bad Blue tooth connection too my Car as well as net work issues….is anyone else having problems with droppiing the network completely for five to ten minutes almost every day?