RIM will reportedly produce 12,000 Limited Edition BlackBerry Developer devices


  • David

    … probably the last 12,000 BlackBerries to ship, at this rate… :-p

  • animal instinct

    stop with the bs and bring out the phones.

    sick and tired of lame childish stories and excuses. its called respect. learn to respect your customers RIM and give them what the deserve on time. its business ethics to keep your word and present on time.

    no wonder no wonder you are where you are today. bring bb10 out and stop the chitter chatr

    • js

      i’m annoyed with RIM as much as the next guy but i’m not sure how this is BS? bb10 developers are not making the hardware and this doesn’t affect the bb10 q1 launch date. RIM does need to show love for devs to stick with them so this makes sense.

    • animal instinct

      its bs cause its a tease. we dont give a damn about the same old rants and 1 penny worth headlines.

      want bb 10 now. no more talk like the wife eating your brains out and giving you no food. i got the money you got the phones ?

      it is bs and its poor business practices. customers are loyal but till when ?

      tick tock tick tock.

      rim stfu and bring out the phone.

    • hah

      ps RIM is not writing the story…its mobile syrup…maybe you should talk to them about this!

  • urm

    I have a feeling developers will sell this online. But i am NOT hating on RIM, i am actually waiting for Q1 2013.

  • Bowser

    oh how the mighty have fallen and become desperate.

    iPhone 5 will soon but an end to RIM’s misery and pathetic life.

    • BB King

      iPhone5, like every iPhone has been over marketed under performing garbage. I have owned Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Phone so I can speak unbiasedly like most Fan Boys.

      The only people that care about the iPhone5 Launch are Apple Fanboys and “Industry Analysts”. The unreleased BB10 already looks stronger than anything Apple has on the roadmap for iPhone5. Apple is old hat now and people want change. The kind of change BB10 and Windows Phone 8 can deliver.

      Away with you fanboy, back under the Bridge you go!

    • Lolcopter

      BB King is a RIM employee scared for his life of losing his job lol!

  • Dalex

    At this point I kinda feel bad for RIM, they are so out of touch with reality… Even though I love Android, I do hope they do well and I hope BB10 will bring them back. More competition only results in innovation (someone just forgot to tell Apple that part)

  • Dylan D

    Everyone I know who has had a BlackBerry, which let me tell you was a lot of people (minimum 50 people close to me), has now switched to a different phone.. either iPhone or an Android.

    Its going to take a hell of a lot more than just an OS upgrade to fix the damage that has already been caused. At this rate, RIM will be in worse shape than Symbian, if it isn’t already.

    Increasing decline can only mean it will vanish from the market all together. It will end up like the Zune HD, or the Kin phone, lots of concept, good ideas, but they blew the release, waited too long, nobody bought it.

    • BB King

      Dylan – if it wasn’t for Microsoft pumping money into Apple in 1997, they too would have been on the verge of Bankruptcy.

      RIM is in a transition period. The same way Apple was at the time that Microsoft pulled their butts out of the fire. Granted the transition seems to be taking longer than expected but cut them a break. People want variety and having only Apple’s iPhone and Samsung Android’s to choose from won’t benefit anyone.

      Competition drives innovation. That is why I am cheering for both Microsoft and RIM. I think Apple has seen it’s day come and go. They are only big in the US Market now. RIM and Microsoft are building global strategies to focus on emerging markets. Whereas Apple is focused on being a patent troll these days.

    • hah

      so many morons around here…RIM isn’t ready for software someone here says. Everyone do yourself a favor and look up all the other os’s qnx has then come back to this site and give your opinion. The future is clearly going to be RIM watch and see. Apple is finished…the hype is gone and most android users try to update their phone and kill it. So at the end…android users will be upset with crap security and a buggy phone…and iphone users will have a overpriced paper weight!

  • Mapple

    Spelling error….” limited addition ”

    Should be “edition”

    … :\

  • jack

    the devs should sell the alpha phones, it’ll be more than they’ll make from developing apps for the BB

  • craig

    Q1 2013? Really? My guess is Q2, I can almost assure you there will be another delay.

    What a joke.

  • kad

    nokia will die so will win8

    3rd place is Rim’s

    • BB King

      Lolcopter – I do not work for RIM. I do however, want to see them succeed as a Canadian supporter.

      Kad – Why don’t you try explaining Why RIM and Nokia will die? Windows 7.5 has ALOT of promise. Have you used the platform?

  • kad

    rim will be 3rd

    nokia and win8 will die mobility wise

  • kenypowa

    enthusiasm? Where is the enthusiasm for BB10? All the enthusiasm is for Jellybean and iOS6, and maybe Windows 8.

  • LC

    If you guys haven’t already read the interview from cio.com, check it out. Thor says in the interview that BB10 will be released in Jan.

  • Mike

    RIM has no clue anymore… Jan is 6 months too late! Hell I even bought a playbook! What a waste, RIM just isn’t tooled for the next generation hardware/software…

  • LC

    Not making reference to if it’s too late or not for the company, I just wanted to point out that this is the second time he mentioned the January-ish timeframe. The first time (i think in the globe and mail) he said, paraphrased “only a delay of 2 months”. now he said flat out Jan. It wasn’t an official date announcement but maybe a slip?

  • Big Ang

    “12,000 limited edition developer devices”


    We only found about 12,000 developers who are still interested in BB10.