FixYa reports details the biggest problems with today’s top smartphones


  • SAMB

    for iCrap

    No battery, NO wifi, NO Bluetooth, is this a phone? nothing is working


    I keep telling people that the iPhone 4 and 4S has probably the WORST battery life of any smartphone currently. My S2 had far superior battery life. Now my current S3 has probably the best battery life of any smartphone.

    • Darryl

      Ummm…. think that goes to the Motorola Razr and the Galaxy Note!

  • Pewz

    Idk… I used iPhone 4s and never had any battery life issue, I had to charge it every night but it did last me the whole day. Gotta keep closing those apps though

    • OGOD

      Try to turn on ur iphone4s’ wifi hotspot, get a phone to contect with it. ur full battery life will last less than an hr. I used my nexus S is a wifi hotspot, after an hr i still got 60% of the battery.

      how long is the battery life is really depend on how much time you spent on ur phone. If you not use it offen during work or school, of coz it can last a day.

  • Dave

    The report is pretty meaningless.
    It only describes problems that were voluntarily reported by users of their site.

    Top 5 Galaxy Nexus Problems:
    2. Battery Life – 20%

    To be fair, battery life is not great on a Nexus but only 1 in 5 people posting problems with their Nexuses/Nexi are complaining?! Really? Wow.

    I am shocked that a top 5 problem for Nexus’ owners would be
    4. General Usability – 10%
    I thought that phone was more about the bleeding edge software so that a Nexus owner was willing to suck it up a bit but not the users of FixYa apparently.

  • Buttersnatch McPoppypants

    Plastersnatch Goat McNubbles

  • LeafsFan77

    Microphone? People actually talk on cell phones?

  • Alexander James

    I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve never had any issues with my iPhone battery life.

    Like today, for example. I unplugged it around 7:15 AM and it has been playing music all day through the internal speakers and some light texting and Facebook. WiFi and Blutetooth is always on. It is now 5:54 and it is at 59%.

    I can’t say anything for the Samsung Galaxy phones, but I have had multiple BlackBerry’s, HTC Android phones and HTC Windows phones and all their battery lives’ pale in comparison.

    Maybe I’m just lucky to get the iPhones with great battery life?

    • Skipper

      Alexander, I agree totally, I get great life out of my iPhone4s’ battery, far better than the LG Android I picked up to try, and overall functionality is far superior too.

  • Chris

    Im curious how accurate the stats for the GS3 are considering it just came out. Since these are user reported problems, what is the sample size they used?

  • EvanK

    The Galaxy has a small problem like a microphone malfunction, which can be fixed easily and doesn’t harm the usability of the device too much. The iCrap has a bad battery, WiFi and BlueTooth. What kind of ohone is this if it can’t even connect, and if it can, it can’t even last a full day on a single charge?

  • xorn


    I’ve had some experience with HTC Android phones and i have to day my battery life with them has not been great. Samsung on the other hand has been pretty darn good.

    Have no idea about iOS. had to give up on them after the 3gs for several reasons.

  • c

    being an android user for years, i feel i’ve never had an android phone last as long as an iphone.. and i support android more, it’s just the iphone has phenomenal battery life, ESPECIALLY while playing music. (one of the main selling points imo)

  • arcsvibe

    I find that the hotspot on the iPhone is hit and miss. When I had my HTC Desire HD I never really had an issue with the hot spot. I have to agree though that the battery life on my 4S is not very good…

  • Mark

    What are those three steel dots on the right side of my Nexus?

  • Deli

    @Mark, the 3 dots are for a dock. available to purchase now.

    As for people have Nexus battery issues, it’s software. Flash ‘yakju’ firmware and you’re good.

  • Maryam

    the report was interesting,it can help me to have a better choice in my nexy cell phone