TELUS to release the HTC One X


  • Eluder

    Nice phone, but too late to launch this now with the GSIII out… I’d pick the GSIII instead because of the MicroSD slot and removable battery as everything else is virtually the same b/w it and the One X.

    • Matt

      I prefer the screen of the One X to the SIII. PenTile drives my eyes bonkers and is a deal-breaker for me.

  • astudent


  • Cody

    It was only a matter of time, 90 days to be exact! So happy, I’m just so tired of constant connection problems with my current phone.

    • Theywillbepissed

      C’mon Bell!!!! I want this beautiful phone!!!

  • Frank

    I played around with this phone, always have been and Htc fan. Screen is amazing and the look of the phone top of the line. But no expandable sd or removable battery!!! These are the things keeping me with my htc free space is actually about 8 gigs….I have 6 gigs is music alone in my Sensation…where is the room for my pics and apps?? space is too limited. 32 Gig version might do but not available unless you get the European version so boo on this version!

  • Thomson

    Samsung is crap. The even the S3 commercial shows it freezing. Look at the last shot of the phone. The ripple hangs for a couple of seconds.

  • LazarBB13

    The Telus One X -version will be called One X$ because in Telus tradition will be the most expensive version in Canada.
    End of Rant
    If they really want to sell a few of this phone that comes without an SD card Slot (Why doe they keep on doing this??)
    with the SG3 at $599 at Vrigin this phone won’t sell in numbers at more than $499!
    The SG3 with its popularity and high Re-selling value will simply kill the X if Telus dares it to put it at a penny over $500.

    Having said that Telus keeps hoarding phones like:
    Samsung Ace $230/ Koodo $150
    Nokia Lumia 800 $530- Can you say LOL with a side of fries??
    HTC one V$290/ Koodo $175
    and the latest:
    Samsung Galaxy S Q -$200 (Double LOL with a site of Poutine!)

    The Future is friendly; Our phones are overpriced!

  • David Peralty

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S (i9000m) and the build quality has been crummy. The support for Android OS updates has been crummy. HTC seems like the better choice to me… despite the GSIII being more “flexible”.

  • Philippe

    What about Bell ?!

  • Gaius

    I agree that the GSIII is a good phone that has some great quality to its design, however I find it bland look and I love Sense 4.0. It’s all about personal taste and to have the choice between two great phones is very good

    I own an HTC One X and find it very good, but 2gig of memory would be good as Flipboard is fairly big when loaded.

  • Chris

    Sweet. I was hoping Telus would get this. What I’d really like is a “Nexus” version of the hardware though. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the fall I guess.

  • WetCardboard

    Why is it black? I thought only the non-lte quad core international model was black?

  • Alex Davies

    It’s not really black, I’ve seen one in person, and it’s more of a charcoal grey.

    If I can find a stock Jelly Bean ROM for the One XL, I think I might ditch my Nexus – love it, but the camera is so bad it borders on being useless.

  • AK

    About time, totally didn’t like the idea of having no options with high-end phones unless it was with Rogers.

    Yes the SGS3 is great but competition is always good, even though I think HTC fell short when it came to their NA version, being stuck with 16gb only while samsung played it nice by making their phone 2g ram. It ‘should have the advantage of price it were to ever workout.

    Hopefully next year HTC will learn and stop being stingy.

  • monsterduc1000

    Why can’t we get the HTC Incredible lte and HTC Evo lte? They are basically the same phones as the One S and One X but with…wait for it…EXPANDABLE STORAGE!!! What a novel idea! And the Incredible lte has, well, lte 🙂 Another bonus over the one s.

    • bob

      because they are CDMA2000 phones, a dying technology

  • Jesse

    The One X is probably the best Android device in terms of build quality and UX. I’m pretty stoked for this, actually.

  • stil htc

    My next phone the wife already has the s3 so I am getting the htc 1x to great phones in the same house lol

  • Jordan

    The One X is by far my favorite phone I’ve ever had, if they price this competitively it’ll be a great option for those of you on Telus.

  • Jeremy

    Will be interesting to see the price, will they compete with Rogers? Last week the Rogers One X at was going for $0 on a three year plan. This week it crept up to $24.95 on a three year.

  • Aaron

    I sure hope the Htc one x is available in white at Telus or i will switch to Rogers.

    • Cory

      The person that left the last comment nailed it. I too would switch to Rodgers if Telus cant get htc one x in white.