Rogers to release the HTC One S for $149.99 on a 3-year


  • Alex Perrier

    Not Alex me.

    What’s the point of the HTC One S, other than maybe use it on WINDicitéotron? As far as i know, anyone who wants to use the One S on Big 3 would be better off with the One X from Rogers, unlocked or not.

    • Alex Davies

      The HTC One X isn’t for everybody. Some people don’t want a phone that big, and from the week I have spent with the S, I can see the appeal. It’s very slim & light – almost too much so, in that I forget that it’s in my pocket sometimes.

    • EvanKr

      I personally prefer the larger sized smartphones à la One X, S3 or Note, but they’re not for everybody. My mother prefers the smaller size of the iPhone or Lumia 800, simply because you can put it into your pocket without much fuss. At times, she finds her Lumia 900 to be a bit large.

  • nwadam

    Been available at all Tbooth/Wirelesswave stores for over a week

  • Nightcrawler

    GREEDY Carrier !!!

  • XER

    Rogers offers first class charges and third class service.

  • HTC

    @Alex, Is the HTC One S AWS? I didnt know that :S. If so, how come Wind/Mobilicity haven’t announced it?

    • Alex Perrier

      It was announced for T-Mobile USA but not for any Canadian AWS provider.

  • gpw


    The One S is a smaller device than the One X with a more pocket-friendly form factor. Not everyone wants a phone with a giant screen. And once you factor in that the North American One X is only dual core (and benchmarks lower than the One S) it’s pretty easy to see where the appeal comes from.

  • Matt

    Bell is the other carrier getting the One X. Not the LTE version though.

  • Clipse

    $20 difference between the S and X? What a let down…

  • Deli

    Rogers always goes one step higher than the competition…with price.

  • Cody

    Okay ROGERS is getting the S, so when can we expect TELUS to get the X? 🙂 I’ve been hearing “after the 90 day exclusive rights” runs out..

  • David Geller

    this is the phone i really want right now. The design is awesome!