Rogers Nokia Lumia 900 now available in Cyan


  • Vengefulspirit99

    Why would anyone get this piece of s**t phone when it’s not getting the upgrade to w8

    • EvanK

      There seem to be quite a bit of misconceptions, from what I’ve gathered WP 7.8 seems to be all of the software improvements of 8. Lots of what MS announced with WP 8 was hardware support improvement (support for multi-core, higher res displays, NFC, SD expansion, etc), but most if not all of the software improvements seem to be coming to 7.8.

    • SDCard

      No missconceptions!
      The phone was released with Win7 and a TOTALLY new Win8 is coming and this phone is not compatible with it. The Nokia 900 competes with the BB9900 (maybe its the number 9s?) for the phones with shorter lifespans or the FASTEST PHONES on earth!…to reach End of Life Status, that is!

      $399 for this phone is too much.

    • Theywillbepissed

      This is a joke. I know that technically the lumia 900 is not obsolete, but wp 7.8 still doesn’t include some of the non hardware restrictive features in wp8. Rogers should do the sensible thing and make this 400 off contract, free on a three year, 50 on 2 year, and 200 on one year. But of course sensible and Rogers aren’t exactly words you can use in the same sentence

    • stylinred

      @EvanK no MSFT has said that they only announced the new homescreen on that day as it was really a developer reveal and they wanted to keep all Consumer aspects of WP8 under wraps until closer to release date as a security measure and they ensure that there will be lots and lots and lots of consumer updates

      and the Lumia900 wont be getting any of that neither will earlier lumia handsets

  • Go blue!


  • astudent

    If only this would be upgradable to wp8, sheer polycarbonate beauty.

  • RWalrond

    Too late Rogers! You waited too long to release this color, you now need to drastically reduce that off contract price to say $99 for me consider picking this up.

    • Ron

      $99 off contract? Keep dreaming.

  • EvanK

    I wonder if I can return my black version because of the data problem that I “wasn’t able to fix myself”, and exchange it for the cyan model…

  • Zorbsie

    This is the colour I wanted to pick up. But now that I know it can’t be upgraded to WP8 I have no desire to get it. I’m just waiting for news on a nokia WP8 phone.

  • Anirask

    I’m kinda happy that I got the Black version as I can change the theme color to anything I want without it clashing with the color of the actual phone.

    Also, even without the forthcoming WP8, the Lumia 900 is a great device. Looking forward to getting my hands on WP 7.8.

  • nrj4life

    Lumia 900 on Rogers, Wow!!! Wake me up when you guys decide to get serious. -_-

  • Dan

    It’s not a bad phone regarldless of not getting WP8. It’s a good device for people getting their first smartphone. It will work smoothly and although the specs aren’t really up to today’s standards, the LTE is great. It’s really not badly priced either.

    • bob

      $525 for this IS badly priced given the specs.

    • Keith

      Bob, you’re clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ll assume you at least know that specs cannot be compared across OSes and the Lumia 900 is 2nd only to the HTC Titan II when it comes to Windows Phone specs but there is more than enough to compensate that makes the Lumia 900 the best Windows Phone on the market.

  • TouchMyBox

    Finally, now windows phone is ready to destroy iOShit and And-roidrage.

  • Keith

    Cyan finally, this is the exact phone I had been waiting for though I would need one unlocked. Although I knew it was likely that WP7 phones would not get the full upgrade to WP8 I was still going to buy one unlocked to do me for a year or so until the Nokia Lumias with PureViews were out (which may not be available at the launch of WP8). It is not out of the question I would buy one even if I only use it for less than a year but I’ll try to resist and wait for the Apollo phones now.

  • Ted

    This is not going to destroy anything but maybe sales on some the BBs.
    It’s seriously limited in specs an has One (1) update in its future.
    Keep burning your platform bridges WP, you’re only fooling your flock.

  • Camel

    What an incredibly combined effort to NOT sell a phone.

  • OgtheDim

    What’s a luck day?

  • Anthony

    Great phone..very expensive off-contract price

  • arcsvibe

    Great phone but I find (like others) that MS shot themselves by not making this phone upgradable to Win8.It is a great looking Windows phone!

    Mind you many clients won’t care because the phone looks great and has a decent OS.

    When I worked for Telus I was amazed how many people didn’t do their updates, back ups etc. Only a minority would.

  • Paul

    Just so you know, this phone kinda sorta, isn’t actually available. I called local GTA Rogers stores the morning they announced it and none had it in stock. I then ordered it through the Rogers website that same day and was just told via email that it is on backorder. So, it’s not actually available. Rogers is selling you phones that they don’t actually have in their possession.