Huawei Ascend P1 coming to WIND Mobile this Summer


  • Jax

    Looks like a solid device.

    • ZARK

      YAY for (passing) WIND mobile!

    • Tell me Rhonda

      Is this BB10?

    • Theywillbepissed

      Finally a Huawei device worth buying! Looks like Wind finally got it right with their foreign connections

    • Anthony

      The entire chassis design is so close to the Galaxy S2

  • astudent

    Gorgeous. I actually like the fruit background.

    Side note, am I the only one who wants a slightly thicker phone bolstered by a 2000+ mAh battery?

  • Jebus


  • Manny

    It’s a nice phone and Huawei is known for very reasonably priced devices, it will be interesting to see the cost of this, it’s amazing how much it resembles the Galaxy S II (i9100). Can’t wait to see it launch.

  • TouchMyBox

    If they get this down to $0 on windtab, it will be a very nice addition to the line-up.

  • Accophox

    My bet is around $450 without tab. Just cause it’s a Huawei device doesn’t mean it’s going to be super cheap, given it looks to be targeting the high end segment.

    • stylinred

      $50 max hopefully on windtab

      Shouldn’t cost more than the Galaxy S

      Should be priced like the Lumia 710

  • mystery

    Better be cheaper than the one s (which is already quite expensive, but with that processor, i cant really complain)
    if huawei takes a long time though i wont hesitate a bit going with the one s. Also im pretty sure this has a non removable battery. Could someone confirm?

    • Briggs

      Can’t confirm. But the one S is sealed as well. So I don’t think that should be a judgement call on your end.

      I doubt we’ll see JellyBean on this. Cool phone and all, but I don’t trust huawei enough to buy it.

  • Plazmic

    Should be cheaper than most high end Androids but thinness isn’t what it’s all about. Any OEM looking to make thing phones should look to the Droid Razr Maxx. There’s no reason it can’t have 2,000 mAh battery.

  • Ken

    Looks like it’s pentaband according to gsmarena..

  • kingdrift

    What?! That’s not the Galaxy S2?!

  • TCom

    Wow. Another crappy Huawei device. WIND is really on a roll.

  • All I do is Wind

    Specswise it looks like a pretty solid phone, it’s most likely a high end Huawei device so it probably won’t be that cheap, I think we’ve seen crappy Huawei devices because they were targetted to people who didn’t wantt o spend much on devices but I don’t think this phone is targetted to the same people..

    • boy

      actually this is their mid range phone. Their high end phone is the ascend d quad xl.
      That phone has an IPS 4.5 inch screen. … And a quad core processor (which we probably wont get in North America, but i could settle with an s4 easily)

  • jansen

    specs looks nice but i never owned or want to own a huawei device…

  • astudent

    Its now HTC’s turn…no wait…

    • astudent

      haha please disregard this comment, I openly the wrong tab. *laughsatmyincompetance

  • fladyz

    i got a friend that works in huawei and got the opportunity to test it out. I personally own a Samsung Galaxy S2, and I say this phone is better than the S2!!! the sound is solid and the graphic itself is not much off than the S2 since its using Super AMOLED.

    I was told its using a 1.5 dual core. so for sure its not quad.

  • deltatux

    The Huawei Ascend P1 looks like an amazing phone, hopefully it’ll go to WIND with an amazing price as well. Hopefully it’s easily unlockable like the HTC or Samsung phones or even better, as easy as the Nexus line (though I doubt it)…

  • jim beam

    would love to enter but not everyone has or wants Facebook so i’m out…. Good Luck facebookers

    • Pokrov

      Get the Ascend if price matters. If not, get the LG one. The 2.2 opreating system has flash capability, allowing you to see most full websites, not just the average mobile one .

  • animal instinct

    alex can you please troll ?

  • Mr. Bill

    I am impress.
    Looks good, I sure would like to handle one myself to verify my suspicions, but it looks as good the top dogs on market.

    Though this tells me nothing of it’s future software support etc, this may be it’s harshest downside.
    I like it.

  • OGOD

    Wondering how good is the huawei??Chinese brand which even some chinese don’t even heard of it. It could be the best phone on WIND, huawei cell phone using huawei’s cellular tower. *BEST COMBO*

  • OGOD

    BTW, it look like a Motorola RAZR.

  • Chang long

    good, nice

  • Jesse

    Looks like a Droid Razr.

  • Jeremy


  • Darryl

    My only concern with this phone is will they be selling enough of them for the developers at XDA or CM9 to take note and make ROMs for it?!

  • Bo Jangles


  • Bo Jangles

    yet another crappy phone from wind!!! crap phone for the crap network.. i hear there is no warranty on ANY wind phone.. alex the troll knows it

  • omar

    normally you would think Huawei is cheap phone but this? no! its same price as galaxy s3!
    Huawei failed to price the phone, its no match for that costing caliber phones.