Kobo for Android 4.1 brings new tablet interface, speed improvements and bug fixes


  • Matt

    Any news on a Kobo Vox 2? Or a Kobo App update for BB PlayBook?

  • Sensualpoet

    It’s a really nice update since May … and that was miles ahead of the previous edition. This looks excellent and works very well on a Samsung Tab 10.1 running Honeycomb 3.2.

  • shuakowka

    When reading in landscape mode, you can now read two pages at once, something that we really missed from the iOS version. And, if you’re into it, the social features that Kobo has made famous have been improved too.

  • Megahertz

    Can the Kobo reader access the Google Play store?

  • Marco

    is Kobo better than Amazon Kindle?

  • Sensualpoet

    The Kobo Touch eink is a very efficient e-reader which Kobo has continued to upgrade since launch. At $99, it’s an incredible bargain and gives you access to Kobo & public library ebooks. It is superior to a Kindle Touch and less money.

    The Kindle Vox ereader tablet has also seen improvements since launch last Nov. The challenge is the tablet space is moving so rapidly. The recent good news is it has full access to Google Play store. As an ereader, through Android apps, it supports Kobo, public library (Overdrive), Kindle and Google ebooks — all on one device.

    Kobo’s android app runs on a huge variety of devices and has been available in the Android Market for ages. Kobo Apple iOS apps are rightly celebrated for pushing the envelope. The company has done an excellent job of building out the platform across many environments and continually adding improvements.

  • vrebel

    I`m a recent user of the kobo for android. Before the upgrade, the kobo was great. They messed up the reading interface big time. Really. Big. Time.

    On my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, there are too many unnecessary borders, resulting in a wasted space. I like more words/line, and the other version of kobo was just fine. Now i depend on the kobo app, since it converted all my epub collection to some proprietary format, which i can`t retrieve anymore. C`mon Kobo!! Fix the things up!

  • tony28

    Wow everybody is going Windows Phone Metro UI.

    • Mary

      EBollocks, HTC. If Samsung can crank out 2 3.0 tablets by the same time you get one out, then your argmeunt is void. Maybe if you spent less time arsing about with Sense and actually developing on the platform Google have specified is for tablets, you wouldn’t have to make silly excuses like this.