TELUS discontinuing the BlackBerry Torch 9810


  • kevin

    BB10 here we come!


      RIM is DEAD

  • Gr8Price

    The REAL meat of the article is that the
    Lumia 800- priced at $530 and relased on March 2, 2012 in “To be discontinued”, not even 4-5 months!!
    That has to be a record!!

    Compare that to the Samsung ACE released in October and “TBD” after the Lumia 800!

    Nokia got a model killed by TELUS and their ridiculous prices and now they offer them the Lumia 610??

    Hope Nokia doesn’t make it exclusive to TELUS, with the HTC ONE V the Lumia 610 with 256 RAM, Winows 7 (not upgradeable to W*) and 1300mAh won’t sell at more than $99!

    • Alex

      That is the Lumia 800 specifically in Magenta. There was almost no demand for that colour, the other two colours are still in production.

  • Gr8Price

    Telus should have gotten the Samsung Ace2; which is the only phone that gets close to the HTC One.

    Also: Telus should align hardware prices with Koodo and diferenciate from eachother with plans only. Using the same packaging and pricing would reduce costs, eliminate redundancies and use that money to reduce the price of the phone, Just a suggestion; I couldn’t care less about their business model, but until then I will get my phones WHEREVER they are cheaper, which seems to be Koodo or Virgin these days.
    In a couple of months the PLAY store will be active in Canada and I will always get “international versions” directly from Google!

  • Quinn

    I’m very sad to see the Galaxy Ace is to be discontinued. I’ve sold a lot of those phones to people who need a decent, inexpensive phone. It wasn’t half bad either.