TELUS to release the Samsung Galaxy Ace Q


  • Thomas

    How is this better than the One-V? Oh wait, it isn’t. Just get the One V for $179 outright at Koodo if you want an entry level android.

    • NothingNew

      Telus should have gotten the Samsung Galaxy ACE 2 and put it at $200, slower CPU than the One V, but it has a better GPU, secondary Camera, still Gingerbread though…

      Another brand new phone to the Telus warehouses….
      If you want it, just save the money for the Lasik surgery (maybe just one eye, it will help you see better!)

      It’s July and nobody is even close to the HTC one V for $175 at Virgin, Koodo!

      Too bad it doesn’t have front camera!

    • Stuntman

      It has a physical keyboard.

    • On the front line

      This is actually a very smart move by Telus. I hope everyone remembers how many Banters, Keybo I&II, Intensity, and Slyde’s Telus sold a couple years ago. My guess is they have more than 500,000 customers in total using products with a keyboard. All of these customers who are used to a side slide keyboard need to be upgraded eventually. There are many who still don’t want an all touch product. Now Telus can get these customers to upgrade to a data plan. It is clearly not the Galaxy 3 and shouldn’t be compared to it in any way. Let’s give this one a chance

  • NothingNew

    This is the Samsung Galaxy Appeal I827, this phone is still worse than the LG Optimus One from 2010, That still retails for $99 and has a better Battery !!

    Seriously who will buy this crap with 1300mAh and Android 2.3 ( No way anybody will develop upgrades!)
    This phone should have been $80-90 at the most!
    The optimus chat on prepaid from Telus is $130 and has a 1500 mAh battery??
    Who does the pricing at Telus??


    Well done! telus prefect choice for this super cheap land!!!!!

  • Tomatoes

    Samsung should make like a 5 dollar phone with spare iPhone 3 parts that Apple doesn’t want anymore. It would be hilarious. Go for the super duper low budget market.


    should be $99 outright

  • vn33

    $199 ? No thanks … maybe $99 outright like the previous post … that is a more reasonable price.

    Anyone crazy enough to sign a 3-yr contract for this ?

  • JC Fung

    I’ll rather get HTC One V than this phone.

    • Loboto

      I’d rather get a Lobotomy than this phone!

  • Friko

    Rather go with Virgin’s Samsung Galaxy W for $50

  • Koni

    For all you pre-paid Telus customers, they also have the Samsungs Galaxy Fascinate 4G for 149.99. Altough this phone came out over a year
    ago, it is still a pretty decent pre-paid device that can be upgraded to run Android 2.3.4 with a 4″ AMOLED screen, 1GHz single core cpu, 16GB of space, back and front camera…not bad for pre-paid. The only thing is that out of all places, I found this at Loblaws pre-paid booth…

  • dstruct2k

    What I don’t understand is why ALL new QWERTY devices are so seriously gimped spec-wise… I’ve been using my Milestone for nearly 2 years, and would never replace it with any of these “new” QWERTY devices; I have CM7.2 (Android 2.3.7) running on a 800×480 display with a 1.1 GHz single-core (overclocked) and a 5MP camera, all these new devices have half the specs. My only issue is 256 MB of RAM, but I can’t justify “better” multitasking as a reason to downgrade my device.

    Come on Samsung, do a Galaxy S III QWERTY!