Rogers waiving the Activation Fee until June 24th


  • Bobby

    They should be paying us to activate. This whole concept of an Activation fee is pure fraud.

    • Hub

      It is the extorsion scheme they get away with because they are a monopoly (of 3).

      What become sad is that WIND started doing that for some plan for *existing* cusotmers that wanted to switch to said plan.

    • ASH


    • Ted

      Wind does it for promo plans, that are designed to attract new customers, and grow subscriber numbers, so no there is no “activatio fee”. However, some might say that a $25 SIM price, if you are bringing your own phone in, can be considered that “fee”.

  • Acco

    So… in other words… this is the courtesy lube that Rogers will apply to their fist before sticking it up there for 3 years… >.>

    Count me not interested. :>

  • John

    Oh really how can I jump on to a $100 per month plan. I can save $35 activation fee, but jump on to a 3 year contract. When can I sign!

  • Marion

    I can’t believe this is still being charged

    • Hub

      I can’t believe people still fall for it.

  • tiesto

    “A new promo has been released that waives the unwanted Activation Fee, but will show up in the form of a credit on your monthly bill.”

    Considering the activation fee is billed directly on the invoice, it makes no difference. It’s not like you have to pay for it in store and then get that $35 back on your bill.

  • otter

    How about that 200$ mobilicity Port in credit on this weekend?

  • otter

    And yet… people still bite at the carrot.

  • gjeff12

    If they want to make the company seem better, they should waive the DE-activation fee for a few days.

    • tiesto

      Why would they?

      You realise that if you have a contract, you (most likely) got a phone on rebate. They can’t let you know without AT THE VERY LEAST break even on that level.

    • gjeff12

      Yeah, I know they wouldn’tactually do it. But for those of us stuck on the old contracts a $900 cancelation fee for a $300 subsidy is stupid. (FYI I didn’t personally sign up, I got added to a family plan.)

    • B.W.

      If you’re stuck on an old Robbers contract with a large cancellation fee, renew without getting a new phone, then cancel. Your new contract will follow the new rules and since you didn’t subsidize a phone, it’ll drop your cancellation fee to $12.50.

  • DrParanoid

    Those of us that pre-ordered the s3 should not pay an activation if the intended launch of the phone was set to arrive by now. It shouldn’t cost me $25 to swap my sim card into another phone… get with it Rogers…

  • Cyber

    I never understand what is the reason behind activation fee except it is just a cash Grab. And there are a lot of companies out there not charging activation fee, so why does this sound like a promotion?

  • J

    Activation fee is such a cash grab. One more year in my contract and I will never return to Rogers… Riduclosly high bills…terrible customer service etc.

    • Jebus

      Completely agree. I had 2 days left on my rate plan and I wanted to switch to another provider and bring my number with me. They said if I didnt wait the 2 days, they would charge me $100 for early cancelation for voice and another $100 for data. $200 for two days?! After that, I moved everything I had with Rogers to other companies… Such crooks

  • Jebus

    Activation fees help pay for the reps commision. If you order the phone online and activate yourself its free. Well, for Telus and Bell it is.

    • ToniCipriani

      That’s their cost of running the business… which is none of my business as a consumer.

  • Wilbour

    There should not be an activation fee, EVER!

  • vengefulspirit99

    Oh boy, I get to save 35 bucks so I can get fisted by Rogers for less? Where do I sign up?

  • superman

    How are people still signing up with Rogers?! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at how stupid people are. :s

  • TAJ

    People whos sign up for ROBBRS whe they have other alternatives like Wind , Mobilicity , Public Mobile etc deserved to be fleeced. Only go with ROBBERS if you don’t have any of these other new comers in your backyard. I have NO sympathy for people who sign up with ROBBERS inspite of all the warnings , they had it coming.

  • ruddias

    Really?! You mean I don’t have to pay to sign up for their service? What a deal!

  • SkyDome


    Amazing innovation from Rogers. This promotion combined with the competitive 3 year contract pricing, valuable addons like Gov Recovery Fee, exlusion of obsolete options like Call Display and incredible customer service means that Rogers will once again crush the competition.

  • Sir

    Man, you people are whiny. First of all, saying that you’re being overcharged for your cell phone service is based on a rather arbitrary belief that the cost of cell services should cost one price everywhere in the world. This idea is the whole reason a company like Wind exists. The Canadian mobile industry isn’t like other countries’ because Canada is a totally different beast. 10 million square kilometres with a population of only 34 million. We have a population density of 3.41. Do you realise how much it costs to build and maintain a network that is that large but so sparsely populated?! Honestly, we Canadians sure have gotten awfully greedy, wanting so much for so little. How often do you see people complaining about everything here. It’s too hot in the summer, it’s too cold in the winter, gas is too expensive, my phone bill is too high, I want everything but I don’t want to pay for it. We, as a country, need to suck it up and be thankful that we live in a free country such as ours with companies that have not only created a cell phone network that spans the populated area of this place, and they don’t tell us what we can or can’t do with it, and they don’t imprison us for using Skype, or listen to our conversations. So if you have a problem with how the mobile market in this country works, you’re free to not use it, or better yet, go to a country that charges what you want to pay for service.

    • David

      Sorry, are you Mr. Harper?

    • pacalis


      You feed and perpetuate this myth that Canada is expensive because it’s hard to service.

      Canada is actually ridiculously easy to service as nearly all of its population is located in only a few major centers. We also have basically two highways and not an interstate grid.

      It’s a rip off festival. That’s all. Like why cars are 30% more expensive in Vancouver than Seattle. Or between Montreal and that densely populated Maine.

    • Acco

      So. Let’s see… Australia has a lower population density (3/km), but for 65 AUD (~67 CAD), you can get a 16GB Galaxy S3 on a 24 month plan that includes 1GB of data, unlimited SMS + $650 credit per month of usage at prepaid rates (So… that’s a mix of 2.6GB data, 1300 minutes of calls, and I think texts are unlimited)…

      Your argument is moot regarding density.

    • Acco

      Oh, forgot to add the Canadian comparison…

      Telus’s $65 special offer plan for the GS3:

      $200 for the phone on a 36 month term.
      200 minutes.
      1 GB data.
      Nationwide 10 numbers.
      Unlimited Texting.
      And other bells and whistles that are included in the Optus plan.

    • gjeff12

      If you take away most of the territories, besides their “big cities”, and all the middle of nowhere mountains and forests there’s really not that much area to cover. Plus, if you’re comparing us to the states, a higher percentage of people have phones up here.

    • Jim Shorts

      @Sir Rogers

      Rogers said net income in the three months ended Dec. 31 grew eight per cent to $327 million, or 61 cents per diluted share, from $302 million, or 50 cents per share in the prior-year period.

      They are making money in the wireless segment. More and more. So your argument is not solid.

    • Bob

      10 millions square km!!! What are you drinking!! I’d be suprised if they had even 1 million. Most of Canada is unpopulated and has no cell phone service. Even populated areas have no service with Rogers!!! Try to use a Rogers phone in Newfoundland and other parts of of Atlantic Canada. Try to use a rogers phine in northern Manitoba.

      Anyone who claim Rogers provides service to 10 million square KM of Canada is retarded.

  • David

    How generous of them. It brought some tears in my eyes.

  • ace

    How generous of them, brought tears to my eyes…. from laughing hysterically at robbers for their top notch marketing team LOL

  • Scotty B

    After 5 years of overpaying, I cancelled my cable television and internet service with Rogers.

    I signed up with Acanac, pay $35/mo for unlimited internet service at near 40 Mbps. I also get free home phone service for a year. By the end of summer, Acanac will offer IPTV service with the same channel lineup as Rogers for significantly less cost.

    I will NEVER pay another cent to Rogers for any service.

  • Pat

    I am not in Canada right now, but can vouch that the plans are very expensive. The way most of the world does it, is that you buy your phone, then shop your pre paid plan and get the sim from that company. You can throw out the sim anytime, and move to another company. It comes much cheaper.

  • Android Fanboy

    when they say June 24th at midnight. Is the sale still effective on June 24th at 3pm?

    I know this question may sound trivial, but it will make a huge difference if I make the wrong assumption.