Windows Phone 8 will reportedly bring 3D Nokia Maps and Skype integration


  • WP74Life

    Still the best out there.
    Don’t worry you still can trade your andro-crap for a WP device. Then, you will finally feel like you have spend good money on something usefull that worth it.
    And you will be loved, have friends and a life.
    Windows Phone is the only way, to success.

    • BB10FanBoy

      Enjoy it while it last…
      When BB10 gets released it will blow your mind off so much you will want to throw your WP device away!

      Brace Yourselves for the supreme device!

    • WP74Life

      Shit man,, drugs are kinda intense these days!
      BB10 will come out in 3 years with non-native e-mail just like QNX ( which was a big fail btw ).
      I hope you like to swim because the BB boat is sinking faster than ever!

  • astudent

    Nokia Maps > Google >Bing, at least from my experience so far (can’t wait to try iOS 6’s maps in the fall)

  • yanic Lemaire

    With google and apple bringing 3d and voice… they had no choice lol

  • andro-fanboy

    Galaxy S3 …. what can wp-fan can do about that ? More Crying maybe ?

    • Keith

      “Galaxy S3 …. what can wp-fan can do about that”

      We can thank the universe there is a company like Nokia that knows how to build awesome, stylish devices.

      The word is starting to get out about Windows Phone and once the non-techies realize that WP the best mobile experience to be had then Lumias will be selling more than Galaxies. The S3 looks like HTC designed it.