HTC has a guide for retailers to convince people the One X is better than the Galaxy S III


  • Munir

    Desperation… hah?

    • boojay

      The only thing retailers need to tell consumers is that HTC makes quality builds to match an equally intuitive interface and that’s why they’re better. Samsung makes cheap recycled designs with a very old-style menu system. On paper, S3 specs may be better, but will likely be on par in real world usage with the One X, although with better integration, the One X likely comes out on top. Samsung is becoming more and more like Apple everyday, but are more insecure in their success.

    • Hammam

      Boojay said:”HTC makes quality builds”

      Yes, it is very high quality compared to Samsung’s “cheap” quality. The same cheap quality that survives drop tests while the “High” quality HTC does not. Yes, I love your reasoning.

      Let’s not forget HTC’s high quality interface that slows down the phone. And it’s amazing battery that needs to limit the number of apps running in order to make people think it lasts long.

    • PkaTka

      @boojay you couldn’t said it better! here’s the android equation:

      Stock ICS > Sense 4.0 > Sony’s UI > Meziu’s UI > …. > TouchWiz (aka reskinned iOS)

    • PkaTka

      @Hammam see the lastest s3 drop test vs. iphone 4s. The iPhone came out clearly better. S3’s cracks even if you drop it on its back.

  • Dany

    Will still take the SGS3!

  • Glen G

    This hasn’t changed my mind on the SIII. Still amped for June 20

  • Duw

    I am perhaps one of the most rabid HTC fanboys out there and I still think this recks of desperation.

  • Sean

    Yup because 16 gigs + 25 could storage is better then 16 (or 32 or 64) and a memory card up to 64 and don’t forget 50 more gigs of dropbox storage

  • Obstacle-Man

    The galaxy S III has no sound! astounding.

  • Radapple

    How does having a removable battery require a separate charger? That doesn’t make any sense unless you think it’s of the utmost importance to remove your battery every time you charge it…

    • abc123

      After you removed the battery and put in a fresh one, how do you charge the one you just removed?

    • Phil

      The whole point of having a removable battery is to be able to have a spare and charge it outside the phone while you are using the phone at the same time… hence, you will need a separate charger…

    • Wil

      RE: Phil
      The other purpose of a removable battery is reseting the phone if it’s unresponsive. (It’s also handy for making sure the phone is off when removing the SIM card.)

    • shawn

      to those below saying how else would u charge if u have a spare…they didnt say anything about a spare just that a removeable batter requires a separate charger. so what is a battery bank?? isnt it separate as well?? HTC sounds like apple right now

    • jack

      so what if it needs a seperate charger for a removed battery? the whole point is if i cant sit in one place to charge my battery, at the very least i can swap it out.

      if im in the office and my phone is almost dead and i have to run out for a meeting, what do i do with the HTC? its always better with an option, but HTC doesnt give u one. its either miss the meeting and sit in your office to charge your phone or not bring you phone at all.

  • Jordan Hill

    Isnt that 25BG of dropbox storage for the HTC One X a 1 year free trial?

    • Mike

      2 years

  • Ari

    Till the time Samsung keeps on making plastic body phones, I will get HTC One X or Apple iPhone. Sorry, but a $650 phone needs to ‘look’ and ‘behave’ like one. For Samsung it just ‘behaves’ like one. It is more of a Kia Motors body with a BMW engine.

    • shawn

      one x is made of plastic as well

  • Mark

    Other than the argument for the better display, everything else is just laughable.

  • SilentBob

    I will give HTC the points on the screen and camera, but downplaying the SD card slot and removable battery while recommending people carry around a “battery bank” is moronic. Asking people to sell it based on how much better it looks, how much lighter it is and thinner it feels falls short if you have to lug around an external battery bank to power it. Also, not the lack of performance comparisons with respect to processing power. The quad core sammy smokes the Tegra 3. Apparently that is not a good selling point.

    • Pete

      Both the Canadian versions use the same Snapdragon S4 chip. S3 has 2GB of ram though.

    • Wil

      Note the battery bank is only recommended for power users.

    • Jay

      Looks better worked pretty well for Apple…just saying..

  • ASH

    Dear HTC…You don’t trash other brands, just to make your meat sell more / seems better. Leave that for us – CONSUMERS!

  • Art Vandelay

    – S3 has 32GB + sdcard + 50GB dropbox, how’s that?
    – Li-Ion battery will age and lose about 20% to 30% of its original capacity after 1 year of normal usage. OneX’s battery is already smaller to begin with. Good luck on lasting a full day a year later.

    • Glen G

      Does the S3 have an SD slot on the 32GB model? I heard that only the 16GB model had an SD slot.

    • EvanKr

      What do you think of the design? With you being such a prestigious architect and all, you must have a well thought out opinion on the design. Also, do you know if the screen works while wearing your latex products?

  • Jay

    Doesn’t the dropbox require data to access? Also the SIII has a default 16GBs with an SD slot that can hold up to 64GB… I’ll still take a Samsung over HTC anyday.

  • cigarsonist

    i’m currently nowhere near upgrading my current handset, since i’m still a year away from ending my contract with my current provider (who i will not be going back to), but if i was considering both of these handsets, this would make me lean further away from the one x. some of HTCs tactics just don’t seem like objective, reasonable points (e.g. the HTC One X design is better because it’s world acclaimed vs. the GSIII being “disappointing”).

  • Astralmind

    Wow!… I’m familiar with those type of documents but this one is quite something, what a load of crap. I don’t even feel like counter arguing

  • vengefulspirit99

    HTC is desperate because their sales are lacking inn north America.. Hell lacking in general. This is an attempt to increase sales somehow but I doubt it will make any real difference… almost all smartphone buyers have researched their stuff and know what they are getting

  • Dizz

    I couldn’t help but smirk reading this. Kinda funny.No wonder the salesmen sound retarded

  • _ThaNerd_

    I think this comparison just makes the S3 look even better. HTC got nothing better to show…in summary all they are saying is “Yes the S3 has much better specs but who needs them, what we offer is more then enough” lol

  • Mike

    I think we need to come up with a term for Samsung fanatics like we have for iPhone users. I’ve always been disappointed with the Samsung screens, they always have a tint and do a poor job of producing true white. I look forward to testing the S3X though.

    • ridik

      you are so biased. there are no sammy fanboys like apple sheeps going ‘oh hail samsung your screens are oh so beautiful!’.
      everyone has said that ‘htc is right with the screen issue’ but it’s everything else that they’ve listed that they can’t beat sgs3. yet, you somehow bring in comments that don’t exist and would like to just categorize everyone else against you as samsung fanboy.
      tsk tsk

  • mattprime86

    “Having removable battery requires the phone be turned off”


  • Azzo

    And this is what makes the Galaxy S III so much better.

  • Craig

    It does seem desperate. They should’ve hyped up the camera more. It’s the main reason I got the One X, and I love it.

  • Art Vandelay

    Besides, HTC’s design is not necessarily better. It may feel or look better at the first glance, but the more you use it, the more issues you’ll find. For example:
    1. power button hard to reach (SIII has power button on the side, and a hardware home button for waking device up)
    2. front facing camera is a huge dust collector and impossible to clean.

    • Duw

      3. The back can be scratched by fingernails.

    • d(V)

      4. htc gets the jean stain

  • PumaYaYa


    Love the last line:

    Better Design

    HTC One X – World Acclaimed
    SGS3 – Disappointing

  • Dylan D

    wow hahah HTC must be really worried or something.. a full package dedicated to bashing the SIII.

  • PumaYaYa

    Buying cell phones is very similar, if not exactly like buying cars…

    You should already know what you’re going to get before going to the store. The salesman shouldn’t be telling you something you already know. All you should really need the salesman for is to tally up the bill.

    • Matt

      Oh yes please. It would make my job so much easier. Explaining the differences to only be told so they are the same by the customer is frustrating.

  • Derek

    That is one thing I noticed about the Samsungs is the bluish display. I also don’t care for how cheap the phone feels. Regardless, I’m going to go with the S3. I can get 16GB internal, 32 GB external, and 3 TB cloud storage. No dropbox needed.

  • chuck

    Wait, there are intelligent people who prefer samsung? wtf!

  • Tudor M.

    It definitely sounds like propaganda that used to come out of Best Korea about Great Leader’s accomplishments.

    I like HTC and have liked my HTC phones in the past, but I think some of the decisions they made with the One series were silly and trying to bash the competition to save their phone is even sillier. The only point that has any merit is the screen technology, otherwise not having expandable memory is unacceptable imo.

  • Azrael010

    While overall I’d say the SIII is the superior phone there are 3 things that bother me: ugly tint on the screen, ugly design, and damn expensive.

    It’s hard for me to pretend those drawbacks don’t exist, they’re right there in your face.

  • wantit

    seriously? HTC must be bitter because MS didn’t consider them good enough to make Win8 tablets.

  • Felix

    Isn’t polycarbonate a plastic?

  • NienorGT

    The SD Card argument is ridiculous, if a seller use it to me I will literally laugh to it’s face.
    The SG3 have 16/32GB + SD Card (up to 32GB) + 50GB of Dropbox, this obliterate HTC’s offer except for the costom One X “Evo” that also have a SD Card.

    The rest is debatable.

  • Jeff

    Punayaya, I used to work as a cell phone sales rep and you wouldn’t believe how much people actually rely on the sales rep for information. I think a lot of people really do want to be sold a product, which is kind of astounding to me since I am distrustful of salespeople. In regards to all the comments about HTC not being objective… Does anyone.really believe they would be? I mean they’re in the business of trying to sell more than their competitors so of course they will spin it. Nearly every company does it at some.point or another.

  • EvanKr

    Funny, I like how they list the GS3 design as “dissapointing”.

  • jay

    Man, if I went into a store and a rep tried to pitch me a HTC over a GS3 based on what is said verbatim on this sheet. I would have even more reasons to go with the GS3 since I wouldn’t trust the representitive at ALL. The part about the battery, are you serious HTC? Your going to lose sales from this nonsense. Unfortunately naïve reps will take this report seriously and try to sell it to customers, and just watch what kind of reaction you will get.

  • Nope

    Wow, a company shouldn’t have to bash other competitor’s product for that company’s product to be superior. That says insecurity in my mind. Just by releasing this document, the Galaxy SIII is so much better than HTC. You don’t see Samsung doing this. You know why? Because Samsung doesn’t have to. They know that their product is superior and they don’t need a desperate, crappy document like this to prove it. They let the product speak for itself. HTC shot themselves in the foot with this crap.

    • astudent

      LOL! I am POSITIVE Samsung uses similar propaganda, you just haven’t seen it yet.

  • Misaow

    1993 elections anyone?
    oh wait, we are talking about phones…

  • Henaway

    Really? Removable batteries are a bad thing? News to me. Say you’re going camping for a week … no electricity out in the bush. I could take 4 or 5 fully charged “spare” batteries with me and be fine with the SIII, or figure out how to plug my HTC charger into a bank of trolling motor batteries for the last 5 days of my trip. Hmmm. Let me think about that.

    (Not to mention their conveniently overlooked issue of what happens in year 1.75 of your 3 year contract when the non-removable battery has a 15 minute supply of power left in it when fully charged. What’s that? Just buy a new battery for your SIII? What a STUPID idea! HTC wins, obviously. LOL)

  • Ramaduci

    All the companies use the same tactics. I have seen similar ones comparing Samsung phones with iPhone with the same type of comparable bashing. They all sue each other you think they don’t bash each other with a little on paper bashing. Lol

  • Dael Ra

    It’s not bashing, this is standard behind the scenes sales tactics. The public aren’t meant to see this sheet and the saleman is not supposed to reel off the point directly from it but steer the potential buyer into buying their product.

    To my mind HTC One X still is a better product than the SIII (raw specs has never been a major decider for me) but the lack of a removable battery is the single reason I’m sticking with my Sensation for another 6 months or so until they can get it right.

  • Brian

    This doesn’t seem desperate or worrysome at all to me. I’m in marketing and, by extension, sales. It’s a normal day in any healthy marketing department to be checking out the competition and coming up with ways of putting a positive spin on what could be perceived as drawbacks when two like products are compared.

    • mike

      To you it seems normal, to a person with common sense it looks childish.

    • Brian

      @mike – that’s a reasonable perception — and a good reason to keep such internal documents away from the general public. Guaranteed, all companies in a fiercely competitive market have similar documents, but are doing a better job at keeping them under wraps.

  • Nathan

    I have an HTC One X and I’ll explain my reasoning for choosing it over S3. I realize that S3 performs better by the specs, has more storage, and battery options but I chose the HTC One X purely on Beauty!

    HTC One X is still a good performing phone but… The Unibody is gorgeous. The LCD display is the most stunning display I’ve ever seen on a smart phone. The Camera and Sense UI also look good. The Beats Audio also comes in handy since I use third party apps for music but I found that the sound was worse on third party but the Beats Audio equilizer seemed to make it as good as the stock Music Player.

  • Zetsuro

    I’m also a Samsung fanboy, but Samsung pulled something a little like this a few months back if I recall.

    It was a commercial of people lining up for the iphone 4 I believe, and then people pulled out an S2 (or Note?) and everyone was amazed at that.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I think what HTC is doing is straight up wrong, but I just don’t feel as defensive for Samsung because of that.

    And I’ll still getting the S3, and I’ll never get an HTC product due to past experience I’ve had with both products.

    Dunno how to feel. :/

    • jetz

      There’s a difference between a commercial that shows people preferring one phone over another,


      HTC straight up lying about each point.

  • metoo

    What Samsung learned and HTC needs to learn, is that marketing works. Samsung markets the hell out of their stuff. Even when it is demonstrably inferior in many ways, they can convince their sheep that it is the one to buy. HTC is wrong to try to educate their sales people and customers as to the technical advantages of their product and focus on marketing instead. Like Samsung.

    When Samsung said they wanted to, and felt that they could, create an audience of unthinking sheep, they were so very right.

  • phil

    I would be getting the One X if it was not for the kack of sd card, that is the deal breaker for me.

  • Mystic09

    The reason why I like removable batteries is because batteries aren’t covered under warranty. So If my battery dies or stops holindg a proper charge I can just buy a new one and replace it.

    You can do this with a unibody phone, but it’s much harder and you risk damage if you don’t really know what you’re doing. (Also it may void the warranty)



  • bob

    Some arguments are lame. “feels thinner” comes to my mind. And the whole parts about the removable battery and the SD card slot.

  • SAM


  • Chri

    Seeing that re-affirmed my choice in buying the GSIII. Not sure why people are stil complaining about Samsungs /polycarbonate/ body, the One X uses the same material. get over it.

  • Bob c

    HTC you morons if you wanna be better than Samsung then don’t sell your flagship device exclusive through one carrier. I would of gotten the one x but like f¿@$ I’m signing with Rogers. Shame shame

  • Mark


    HTC has better sound? No. The beats equalizer doesn’t make it better than samsung. The audio hardware in NA is identical.

    Better cam? The low light photos from GS3 come out great from the local reviewer on RFD. I would say they are tie. Perhaps HTC has a minor edge here.

    Better screen? Well i will give them that. GS3 has a nice screen but 1X screen is better IMO.

    Better battery? Nope. Many testers have found GS3 to kill 1X in this regard. The capacity is also bigger.

    HTC gives more storage? Umm do they suck at math?

    HTC: 16GB + 25GB = 41GB

    Samsung: 16GB + 50GB + micro SD = 66GB + more storage from SD.

    Who are they kidding? Plus not everyone is tethered to a working internet connection all the time or has unlimited mobile internet.

    Faster: Both NA models from HTC and Samsung have same chipsets so stop this nonsense.

    IMO HTC wins on screen and build quality but in battery and storage areas samsung is the winner. And cameras are about equal. I would take function over form so GS3 for me over the 1X. Sorry HTC. You are no Apple. Even Apple gives a 64GB option. Better luck next year.

  • Ed

    Have to say the screen is better on my One X compared to my Dad’s new SGSIII – it’s a helluva lot brighter and has better viewing angles.

    SGSIII is nic, though, but TouchWiz is pony…Sense destroys it, even if it is quicker in actual usage

    It’s a close call – the two phones really aren’t that different in actual day-to-day use

    • Stephen

      What are you smoking?

      Sense is bloated, laggy, and stutters.
      Plus it looks old fashioned and cartoony.

      Touchwiz is so much lighter, faster, and full of intuitive and helpful new features.

      Easy choice.

  • Ian

    I’d say the biggest plus to a removable battery is that the user doesn’t have to send their phone away to get it repaired. I don’t care how thin and sleek a phone is if they remove my ability to troubleshoot a simple problem with the device.

    The HTC Beats Audio claim is ridiculous. Beats Audio calibrated sound only works with Beats Audio headphones that are not included in the box. Thus, users won’t get better sound just by buying the phone.

  • John Kickass

    world acclaimed?? 🙂 Winner… Winner, Chicken Dinner!

  • Greg

    As someone who works in mobility, yes, this is a fairly common practice. These “cheat sheets” come with the training of almost every phone. HTC seems to be the worst culprit tho, going as far as actually posting incorrect specs for the S2 on a previous one.
    I no longer trust anything they do. :/

  • Matt

    If HTC wants to sell more phones, pay us more for selling their brand. The end. Most sales people will do it. I know I wouldn’t, because I prefer selling what is needed.wanted rather than what makes me more (repeat customers are always better in the long run).

    And maybe not have their contests be ridiculous like free HTC when you sell 20 in a month…

  • htcfan

    HTC would not have been this desperate if only it had a removable battery (the sensation looks like a unibody design yet the battery is removable) and a micro sd card slot (or if the North America version had an option of 32 or 64 gb!)
    But yeah, even though i love the one series a lot, this is just disappointing…

  • MB

    What a bunch of lies…it’s not the document that bothers me but what’s written and the way they think that we are all a bunch of i****s. And the design of the One X is not even that nice, only the screen makes it nice, the rest is just nothing special. The camera on the back is not well designed either..

  • Martin

    Where is the proof that HTC published this?

  • Lazzy

    They should release a doc why RIM blackberyy is the ultimate choice with highest screen and big battery for better graphics

  • James Hoar

    I bought the One S.
    Ioss the SD slot, but that is it.
    I dislike the plasticky (is that a word?) feel of the Galaxy phones. Hey at least were arguing about Androids AMD not the iPhone.

  • JD

    I MUCH prefer the look of the One X, and really both phones have their advantages, but yes this leak is a little embarrassing for them. Samsung should try to use more premium materials though…the slippery plastic is getting old.

  • Jack

    If I hadn’t seen that chart with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe how pathetic HTC could become.

    Better speed? Better camera?
    LOL Every review and benchmark shows the Galaxy S3 has superior performance and camera quality.

    Better durability?
    LOL Polycarbonate = plastic! And the S3 is ALSO polycarbonate.
    I can’t believe HTC would stoop to this pathetic level of dishonesty.

    Better screen?
    Samsung’s screen technology is second to none. The entire world knows that.

    Better design is a matter of opinion. In my opinion, HTC’s phones look like cheap Chinese knock offs of the Lumia.

    My god HTC. How low you have fallen. I lost all remaining shred of respect I had left for you.

  • jon

    I think HTC just convinced me that I should get a Galaxy S III.

  • btdvox

    What a joke.

    First off I’ll take an AMOLED screen over the LCD any day, Pentile was only bad on the Galaxy NExus, the NExus S has a Pentile screen and no one complained about it.

    SEcondly the GS3 is much nicer in hand than the gaudy HTC One X njot to mention the software is better

  • Random Letters

    Cripes! What a bunch of panty waists…it’s just marketing people. Nothing new here at all. Every company that sells a product that has a direct competitor does the EXACT same thing. Get your sales team to play down your weaknesses and magnify the weaknesses of your competitors. There are no lies in the above materials, just ham fisted marketing spin. Get over it.

    I’d happily take either phone but ended up with an international version of the One X. Because I got it shipped to my door for under $600 taxes and delivery in. If I could have gotten the international S3 for $599 I would have been just as happy to take that.

    It’s a great phone. Yes, the lack of a user replaceable battery sucks, but it isn’t a deal breaker for me. I’ll never need more than the 32gb onboard and I’m always connected to data anyhow. I don’t care about touchwiz or sense as mine get rooted and rom’d as soon as I open the box.

    They are so similar that it really comes down to better screen or better battery. Being that I look at the screen (until the battery dies anyhow) all day, I’d rather that be superior. Within reason.

    • zzz

      Problem is that HTC IS lying.

      HTC has the slower processor, the worse camera quality, worse battery, and identical plastic build.

      It wasn’t just marketing spin. It was an outright lie.

      That’s why it’s so outlandish.

  • nick

    HTC is just trying to help carriers push data… No SD no sale IMO…

  • Thomas

    Better sound? The chip in the GS3 is significantly better than the one in the One X. Also, isnt the One X also made of plastic? Plastic with a fancy name is still plastic.

  • Skazzy

    LMAO. The SG3 has no audio! Its.. a smart terminal!

  • jon_d0e

    removeable battery is absolutely necessary as i carry 10 spare batteries in my pocket at all times…

  • Jer

    Next time HTC dont tell us your shitty Battery life is enough, when its not. THen maybe I’ll consider your phone.

  • Nathen

    If I were the CEO of HTC i’d FIRE the marketing team for putting out this garbage. This is ridiculous and stupid, the only thing they accomplish here is make you understand how retarted HTC is for trying to make some very poor and DUMB points on why there product is better.

    STOP the BS HTC, and bring out a Phone that IS better or ON PAR with the Samsung S 3. Period !

    What Nonsense, HTC should be embarrsed to release this Crap.

  • Max

    One X: Robbers
    SIII: Everyone

  • ibrahim

    Hello Samsung S3 Let the best screens of the type, quality, and my processor Nanotechnology Delirious Ndhara and the vast

  • sp

    its funny cause my girl has the HTC and that damn thing dies halfway through the day. And all she does is whatsapp me and checks twitter and facebook apps.

    my SGS2 runs strong through the whole day (then again I did flash it with Google ICS…) but I mean i have no problems with the battery on this. Which just would reaffirm that the SGS3’s battery life should be loads better than what I have now.

    so HTC has a better screen…whoopty doo….everything else you guys say is better..kind of makes me laugh a LOT at you. especially after I used the damn phone….ugh.. HORRID