HTC warns of lower Q2 revenue, cuts target by 13% to $3.03 billion


  • iamkennypowers

    hahah htc. Get a blackberry and forget junk like this 🙂

    • cody

      Wow. EVERYTHING about what you just said is just wrong.. If you think blackberry is the future you’ll be pretty sad in a few months.

    • HTC = Junk

      HTC is still making phones?

    • FrontalAttack

      Make that 2 weeks after June 28!

      We will see how much Cash they have left.
      How many employees they fire.
      How much $ they write off in inventory
      Find out in how many parts will RIM be divided into.

  • jellmoo

    It’s a shame. I’m really enjoying the One S, and would like to be able to spend a bit more time with the One X.

    Android land is quickly becoming a one horse race.

    • FrontalAttack

      The One S is a great phone at a great price.
      The One X is doomed for being so close in specs and price to the SGS3. I guess all they can do is reduce the price, but then it would risk to put it too close to the One S.

      HTC will suffer in the upper range, but will succeed incredible with the One V at $175, which is the best value android phone from $175 to $300 in Canada now.

  • Joelb

    I love my Tegra 3 One X! Most people are pretty impressed with the phone when they see it and play around with it but nobody seems to know what it is. Then again everyone and their mom has an iphone around here.

  • iamkennypowers

    Actually ill be happy because i will have BB 10 hehehehehe

  • faizo

    HTC, the Android landscape needs you.

    You created many remarkable devices, Nexus One (& HTC Desire), and HTC Hero.

    It’s time to get back to great designs and less of focus on Sense UI.

    One X/V/S is a great start, but non-user replaceable battery is a joke.

  • Tom

    Getting your U.S. shipments held up for 2 weeks just when you launch the biggest product of the year! Ouch.

    And all over that ‘click to e-mail’ feature. This is crazy.

  • RyanOver

    I really wanna have the HTC One X just because it is on Rogers, I won’t… HTC didn’t change since then, they still making phone exclusive from a carrier… why they’re not do it like Apple and Samsung, make the phone availible from any carrier since day 1…

  • Tomatoes

    HTC sucks. I have no idea why their phones stutter so much even with a Qualcomm S4.

  • Jr67

    And this is the number 2 player in Android? Imagine if they weren’t using a ‘free’ OS.