Rogers to release the HTC One S?


  • Azzo

    Sure, why not.

  • can’t be anon on Facebook

    In stock at best buy. Single sku for both Rogers and fido

  • Andy

    One S is available already.

  • m

    As if now it the one s should be available on rogers only at both best buy/future shop and glentel stores.

  • for how much?? $150 like fido??

    • Corey Owen

      That’s what the tags say. They’re blank other than price though ATM and it’s not available for sale yet. (No act SKU’s loaded)

  • Cody

    TELUS and Bell will probably get the one x when Rogers gets the one s. The exclusive period is something like 90 days.

  • Adam

    What’s the Galaxy S II Glide?

    • RogersRep7

      It’s the Samsung Android device with a physical slide out keyboard that no one knows about or asks for.