Rumour: Apple’s next iPhone display will “measure at least 4 inches”


  • troy

    “Apple’s next iPhone display will “measure at least 4 inches””


    • BusinessMan

      Both the Google Nexus phones and this iPhone will be out and ready to buy long before the BB10 devices. Is that a good thing for R.IM?

    • ANDROID1

      IS THIS A JOKE 4″ ONLY ?


    • ANDROID1

      No the 4″ phone will be a “revolutionary”, no one has the 4″ before

      Apple suck 4″ is tooooooo small

      Guess what the next iPhone will be only a 3.5″

  • Nightcrawler

    Come on. Give us a break with the iPhone rumours !!! A lot better phones are already out there in the market. Don’t think I am an Android, BB or Windows fan boy. I’m just stating the obvious truth…

    • PkaTka

      Yes because its mobilesyrup talks about ios, right? If you don’t like a certain article, then don’t click on it. THe bottom line is that this article was success becuase not only did you click on it (ad revenue) but you also commented.

  • Pahech

    But 3.5 inch screen is the perfect size according to Steve Jobs! Isn’t 4 inches and above a heresy?

    I am guessing something odd like 1152×768 at 4-4.3 inches if it’s going to happen.

    • Som

      jobs is gone and some of the workers and investors couldn’t wait. Now they’ll be able to introduce other features like the stated 4 inch phone and 7 inch tablet.

    • johentie

      Steve Jobs also BASHED the 7inch tablet…guess what apple is coming out with in a few months?!?! YEP a 7inch ipad!!

      just like any rumor… we will see what it gets annouced officially..

  • trev

    Hope someone sues them for having a 4 inch screen

  • Peter

    Jesus H Christ!!!!
    You Fandroids need to move out of your parents basement!! Chill out with the Apple hate, this is only a damn phone!!!
    If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

  • Steve

    i think with all the ‘huge’ phones hanging around, they are lacking in the ‘confidence’ department.

  • ace

    maybe they felt ‘inferior’ in some way… LOL

  • user

    I can foresee that those sheep saying anything above 3.5″ is too big will be the first in line to get the new iphone.

  • Crocography

    Stop with the rumours already, do you guys get paid for Apple marketing too?

  • johentie

    Right now would be the perfect time for Apple to upgrade their screen..

    why? well the iphone is getting stale.. for me it got stale when the 3G came out.. and after my iphone 1 screen digitizers broke after 6 months.. (no warranty cause i got it from AT&T).

    and even though i HATE apple.. they do a good job pulling their customers back in like a fish on a hook!!

    the bait this time.. bigger screen..not only apple fanboys, but people that were on the fence will line up days before saying “YESSS WE FINALLY GOT WHAT OTHERS HAD..BUT OURS IS BETTER CAUSE WE INVENTED THE 4 INCH SCREEN” : >

    joking.. even though i hate apple products.. it works well and they do it well

  • BB

    what a waste of an article…3 lines about a size increase. Funny part about this is…not much has changed with the look of there product, but for some reason people still line up to upgrade everytime they release something. Can anyone answer this question for me, why is there always so many people in the apple store? are they surfing the web for free or just bored? Its not like they have a ton of products…they have the same product on every station.

  • Marc

    I don’t think that any rational person can argue that Apple is bending to market forces and competition here. If 3.5″ is the “ideal size” according the Steve Jobs, then a larger screen was never a technological consideration in the evolution of the iPhone.

    • Randy

      Steve Jobs was a salesman, and salesmen will tell you anything, because, of course, whatever they sell is the best sh1t under the sun…

      3.5″ is “perfect” because that’s what he was selling at a time. 4″ would have been “perfect”, if he was still around to sell the New “New” IPhone 5.

      Apple’s impeccable marketing gets the zombies lining up.

  • Lance W

    It will have to be some weird size like 4.1 inches because 4.0, 4.3, 4.5, 4.65, 4.8, and 5.3 inch screens would be ripe for intellectual property litigation.

    • chris

      Also add 4.7 inches to the list (HTC One X and LG Optimus 4X HD)

  • Gab

    It’s pre 4s deja vu…..

  • shaggyskunk

    Screen envy, followed by little Samsung Blue coloured pills 🙂



    Just saying…

  • Cancuckle215

    Whoa…iPhone is getting a 4″ screen…talk about revolutionary…why didn’t other manufacturers think of that!


  • EvanKr

    If Apple introduces a 4.2″ iPhone, all you’ll ever hear out of the iSheep is “The Lumia 900 stole the iPhone’s design!”

  • Cody

    I’m way too used to 4.5″ and up. I’ve owned the raider, GS2X, evo 3d, and the note among others so going below 4.5″ really isn’t an option for me anymore.

  • briggs

    To be honest, I really hope they don’t get a 4″ screen. I’ve used them on Android phones, and they feel uncomfortable for me. As I’m stuck with Apple due to work, I’d rather see max 3.8″ But no bigger.

  • Mike

    They’re gonna make it 4 inchs, and then they’re gonna sue everybody else who makes 4-inch screens.

  • HO

    It will be 4’cause bigger will confuse the customers, it will make them think on other things, and also it will have a great resolution of 20000×80000 and will be called “Fovea” display or maybe “Magic Mirror”.

  • Some Guy

    4 Inches? After Apple’s standard markup it will be around $999 outright.

  • Marco

    Apple really needs to increase the display. I don’t know how ppl watch HD movies on tiny screens like this, its bad!

  • Boojay

    4 inches?!? OMG! This changes everything!

  • Rhino

    Maybe if my ex had gotten this excited about 4 inches we would still be together…..

  • Allyouranusarebelongtous

    Seriously…have any android users picked up an iphone lately? I picked up my wifes…it’s so “cute” and “small” and even with the retina display, I don’t see how I ever considered it a good surfing device (mobile). It’s so laughably small….

    But I think apple will be fine if they stick wtiih a 3.5″ screen. I hear hipsters have small hands….

  • superfly

    1024 by 768 pixels 4-inch screen. Fact

  • superfly

    1024 by 768 pixels 4 inch display. Same resolution as iPad 2 so everything is compatible. Common sense would suggest this would also allow Apple to still call it a retina display.

    • EC

      Cant be a 4:3 ration because the current iphone is 3:2 and all their laptops are either 16:10 or 16:9

      it would make too much sense to make it the same aspect as another product they make, no screens are allowed to match so all your videos look effed up.

  • Tomatoes

    Man is this phone going to suck. Hahaha