Evernote 4.0 for Android brings new home screen and swipeable navigation


  • daveloft

    I like the new design, except for that side bar, it just looks bad. I like the idea of swiping between screens, but I don’t need a preview of it to let me know I can. Also, get rid of the vibration.

  • Sasha

    Will this be available for BB9900 in the future? Any word from the Evernote people?

  • ps4rh

    Pity, it’s still not possible to have indented, bulleted/numbered lists.

  • lookiehere

    Love how shared notebooks are now unified with your notebooks!

    Love the new design.

    And yes, that stupid vibration got to go or at least give the option to disable it.

  • Jeremy

    Is there an evernote equivalent that just uses dropbox or gmail as a backend? I don’t want to have to sync to yet another service all the time.