Incipio Lexington case for the new iPad review


  • Theywillbepissed

    “And but for the penchant for stains”?

  • mark

    Too bad no one actually buys the ipad. Nice case, though.

    • Jack

      “Too bad no one actually buys the ipad. Nice case, though.”

      Are you serious? Apple just sold 12 million iPads last quarter vs the #2 tablet Kindle Fire @ 700,000…

      Go troll somewhere else.

    • John

      Ah a Fandroid at his best…

  • Steven

    The choice products for reviews are really random sometimes.
    Not that I’m complaining, good read though.

  • KM

    Timely review as I just received mine today. It’s missing the magnet for the sleep/wake capability. Called Incipio support and they said they’d send out a free replacement for me. I hope they follow through with it.

    Otherwise it’s a pretty nice case. Good fit and finish. The gray looks really great with the black iPad too.