Update: BlackBerry Music Gateway for streaming to home and car stereos is now available


  • Varroa

    NFC compatible? I wonder if the Galaxy Nexus would work with this or if it needs to be a BB?

  • Sergio

    It can be used with any bluetooth or NFC phone

  • uh

    Blacberry Jam, come faster already!

  • Ron_J2k

    BLACKBERRY JAM !!!!!!! LETS GO RIM, Turn it around…. it will take a while but better than nothing….. It’s amazing what dieing companies can do right ????? lol. and there’s more to come !

  • bb_turned_android

    Looks like an interesting product but anyone can make a usb hard drive with blutooth connectivity. Hard to get excited about RIM anymore.

  • Jebus

    This is a good step in the right direction for RIM

  • FreddyE

    Just to clarify the BlackBerry Music Gateway is not BlackBerry specific. Any device with Bluetooth A2DP and AVRCP profiles can use it.
    I have the older model and use it with my iPod touch, laptop, BB and Playbook. Handy device

  • p

    so the only difference between this one and the old one is NFC?

  • roman129

    I see this as unnecessary. If the car already has an aux input to accomodate this box, why not plug in the phone directly with a 3.5mm jack? Better quality than bluetooth streaming. If I’m using my phone to play music while driving, I have it plugged in to a charger anyway, because I want to have a full battery when I arrive and get out. At home? Same thing..

    • ToniCipriani

      I have a Touchstone hardwired in my car for my Pre 3, so charging is already wireless. Adding wireless audio completes the package for me, so I just hop on, set my phone on the Touchstone, and off I go. Right now I still need to fiddle with the Aux cable.

      It’s mere convenience.

  • SunHammer

    This is not a new product, it’s a product refresh. The BlackBerry Music Gateway came out in _2008_, long before Logitech came to market with theirs.

    This updated model is smaller and can use NFC for instant Bluetooth tap-to-pair, and can use USB as a power source, instead of an A/C adapter brick.

  • JaymmerMan

    Bingo… that’s the one that I have currently.
    The only downside is the power… it must be plugged in via USB for power AND plugged in to the audio device, it really should be rechargeable.

  • Warren

    More useless overpriced CRAP from RIM!

  • Adam

    So, if you use your phone as a controller in a car, isn’t that illegal?

  • Rob

    Given the fact that the new Playbook OS update screws up AD2P, um, this is coming out at a really awkward time lol

    RIM has perfect comedic timing…

  • Costa84

    Not shipping to Canada…

  • MarcusJ

    Would have been a real knock out if they included bluetooth calling features also. This way it could enable music listening and safe driving to people who do not have bluetooth all ready built into their head units.

  • Nick

    This is a pretty nifty device, and it’s moderately priced too. I was exxpecting $100, decent. Now, if i didn’t have all the hook ups for my tv or car stereo for my iPod, i would maybe buy it haha

  • imjohnh

    streaming via bluetooth? is it going to downsample your 320 music?