Hotel Tonight expands to Toronto and Vancouver, invites iPhone and Android users to pay less


  • TestMe


    • Cloutier

      What about blackberry users?

  • Zebra Joe

    I prefer motels for one night stands. Cheap, and dirty. Just the way I like my women.

    • vn33

      LOL ! So Politically Incorrect … maybe that’s why I find it funny !!

  • Megahertz

    @Cloutier Who cares about Blackberry users. It was only designed for iPhone and Android for a reason.

  • more mah

    Blackberry users are all business people on expense accounts and they don’t care about getting a discount.

  • joe

    toronto represent

  • Aryana

    Look at the signal on the LTE phone LOL its just one teeny tiny little bar and thats it!
    Does it mean LTE suckssssss! lol